Snowpiercer: Daveed Diggs' "Puppy For Hanukkah" A Holiday Bop We Need

Show of hands: who had "Broadway and television star Daveed Diggs releases Hanukkah single for Disney Channel" on their 2020 Bingo cards? Okay, so it's a little out of left-field, but just because it was released on a channel aimed at children doesn't make it any less of a brilliant song. First things first, if you watched Hamilton this summer on Disney+ (or were one of the souls lucky enough to catch the cast live) or happen to be a viewer of Snowpiercer or caught wind of the recent casting news for his upcoming STARZ take on Blindspotting, you already know this holiday season's hot new musical artist. In case you weren't already aware, allow me to introduce you to the fantastic Daveed Diggs.

A look at the final two first-season episodes of Snowpiercer (Image: TNT)

Resume aside, this song is brilliant: it's witty, adorable, and real. Speaking of real, I love the representation in this song and its video. It gives a visible platform to Jewish POC, which Diggs himself is. And as for the platform being Disney Channel? Well, I cannot be happier:

Disney Channel did bring us an original Hanukkah movie back in the day (bonus points if you knew that's Full Court Miracle, and extra bonus points if you also watch it once every two weeks on Disney+), but I love the increased front-and-center representation that the holiday is getting. All too often everything will be about Christmas, and there will be the token side character who celebrates Hanukkah along with the other token cameo from a character who celebrates Kwanzaa. But I digress. Long story short, everyone should have equal visibility.

Christmas may have songs about hippos, but I think we really won out this year (and all the subsequent ones) with "Puppy for Hanukkah." Nothing against the non-Hanukkah holidays, but there's something about Diggs rapping the Brachot that just transcends into a plane of pure awesomeness.

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