South ParQ Vaccination Special Review: South Park Presents Harsh Truth

The premiere of the South ParQ Vaccination Special on Comedy Central took a look at the current pandemic in a light that only this series can do. Through a system of plot points that seem more insane as the moments go on, this hour-long special actually managed to show a reality beyond the absurdity. From the ridiculous beliefs of QAnon conspiracy people believing an insult is a secret message to the rough part of maintaining patience in this pandemic, South Park does a decent job with the special.

South Park
The boys attempt to steal some vaccinations. Source: Comedy Central

The originality found in previous episodes isn't lost to handling these topics and it doesn't have to be. The absurd and crude beliefs of conspiracy theorists relates not only in physical depictions of insurrectionists but also to the complicated explanations they offer similar to real life scenarios.

Starting with the return of Mr. Garrison as a villain-turned-weir- anti-hero, the possibilities of what could happen next were pretty much thrown up in the air. The pleasant and hilarious surprises make South Park a comedic staple in these times. It also makes it a definitive source of chaotic entertainment that in a weird way helps viewers a lot. The imagery of Mr. Garrison coming to "save the day", pulling along a limp penis on a cart over a hill, and calming down his QAnon fanboys with a rousing speech is a favorite moment of mine. The celebratory ending, alongside a funeral, featuring many iconic characters from the past seasons of South Park, was shocking and fantastic all at the same time. In the end, this special showed viewers how insane an event like this can be on friendships, daily life, and the susceptibility of what we'll choose to believe.

Rating: 8.5/10

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