South ParQ Vaccination Special: South Park Teaser Ups Our Comedy Dose

It wouldn't end up being a surprise that with each promo clip, South Park gets closer to pure comedic gold with a new trailer teasing the South ParQ Vaccination Special premiering Wednesday, March 10, at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT. The areas in which the Comedy Central series is willing to go towards with plot make this something special for the time it's in. Trey Parker and Matt Stone come in as a continuing creative force for this second special involving the topic of COVID-19. While the boys appear to be handling the threat of a militia that attempts to deny a teacher the vaccine, chaos ensues.

South Park
Image: Comedy Central

The cluster of citizens of South Park attempting to trample over the other for the vaccine will only be a piece of the story for this hour-long special. The 30-second teaser provides a better look at the division set to occur between the boys.

The appearance of gnomes as "essential workers," $2,000 price tags on vaccination shots, and a Qanon theorist Butters make this teaser fantastic. A whole hour dedicated to the insane quick quips and insight on the panic surrounding such a pandemic can be seen on screens next week. The premiere of this special will be on at 8/7C a week from now on Wednesday. This March, Comedy Central sends us their form of madness with not one but two vaccination specials from South Park and we couldn't be happier about it.

South Park's Vaccine Special Ups The Dose Of Shock This Month
Image: Comedy Central

There's a personal amount of hope in the potential content to come from Butters becoming a part of the apparent "Lil' Qties" conspiracy children. And while many characters in the series shine through in each episode, Butters has my heart and my definite worries. Let us know in the comments below what you're looking forward to seeing in this South Park special!

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