Paramount+ Posts Star Trek: Discovery New Federation Ships Concept Art

It's hard to believe it was over 50 years since fans were introduced to the galaxy of Star Trek. It's harder to fathom the generations of building canon, anyone can revolutionize an already revolutionary franchise. When it came to season three of Discovery, we saw the radical transformation of the Federation with newly conceptualized ships that became as much of a technical marvel as fans were when fans were re-introduced to the franchise in 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture seeing the U.S.S. Enterprise for the first time on the big screen and before that, The Original Series in 1966. Paramount+ tweeted the ships of Starfleet in the 32nd century.

Star Trek: Discovery – Paramount+ Unveils Conceptual Art of New Ships
Image courtesy of Paramount Plus

The first ship seen on the first page is the U.S.S. Nog, named after the first Ferengi Starfleet officer Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is an Eisenberg class ship with the designation NCC-325070, named after Aron Eisenberg, the late actor who played him. The next ship is the U.S.S. Le Guin, a Mars class starship with the designation NCC 325060. The third and final vessel on the first page is the U.S.S Maathai, which is an Angelou class with designation NCC-325023, presumably named after famed poet Maya Angelou. The design has a donut-shaped disk with a distinctive port and showing an earth-like topography.

Star Trek: Discovery – Paramount+ Unveils Conceptual Art of New Ships
Image courtesy of Paramount+/ViacomCBS

The second page first features the new U.S.S. Voyager-J, which is an intrepid class with the designation NCC-74656. Its design retains the arrowhead-looking saucer with a hoop at the end resembling a keychain. Of course, it begs to question if any of the other of the well-known Federation starships like the Enterprise or Excelsior also exist in this time or were they permanently retired. The ship is an obvious nod to the UPN series Star Trek: Voyager celebrating the first female lead protagonist of a Star Trek series in Captain Kathryn Janeway played by Kate Mulgrew. The next vessel is the U.S.S. Annan, a Saturn class vessel with the designation NCC-325051, which design resembles a chakram. The final ship is the U.S.S Jubayr, a courage class ship with the designation NCC-325068. Which design do you like the best?

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