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Jeri Ryan, much like her Star Trek: Picard co-star Patrick Stewart, had initial reservations about returning to the franchise to reprise her role as Seven of Nine aka Annika Hansen since her days on the UPN series Star Trek: Voyager As season two draws to a close and having wrapped filming the third and final[...]
Star Trek: Kate Mulgrew Hopeful of ‘Voyager’ Reunion on ‘Prodigy’
The same can be said of Mulgrew, the current star of the animated series Prodigy, which refers to her former series Voyager Recently, the actress spoke with Radio Times explaining how creative the showrunners and writers integrate the content. Image courtesy of Nickelodeon / Paramount+ "Well, of course [it connects]," Mulgrew explained regarding how Prodigy revisits past[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2
Yes, Voyager star Robert Duncan McNeill is reprising the role for everyone's favorite lieutenant-turned-ensign-turned-lieutenant, and you can own his animated likeness "Celebrate one of Starfleet's finest! Own your very own Tom Paris plate, coming soon from @TrekUnlimited 💫 #StarTrek #StarTrekLowerDecks", the official franchise Twitter wrote accompanied by a video. Image courtesy of Paramount+ Own a Piece[...]
Star Trek: Discovery – Paramount+ Unveils Conceptual Art of New Ships
Voyager-J, which is an intrepid class with the designation NCC-74656 Its design retains the arrowhead-looking saucer with a hoop at the end resembling a keychain Of course, it begs to question if any of the other of the well-known Federation starships like the Enterprise or Excelsior also exist in this time or were they permanently[...]
Star Trek: Picard – Is Jonathan Frakes Teasing More TNG Alum in S02?
Burton and de Lancie made separate appearances on Voyager on UPN. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Merry Men ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Good Fortune ( Picard's first season marked not only the return of Stewart to his signature[...]
Your Voice Chicago - SNL
Here's hoping we get some Run The Jewels and Rick and Morty vibes at Adult Swim Fest next month. Star Trek: Voyager – Kate Mulgrew Appearing at Janeway Statue Unveil: Considering how well this article did when it first went to post, the folks over at Nickelodeon should be sacrificing something to whatever god or gods[...]
Star Trek Day Loaded with All Series for Virtual Panels, Marathon
The virtual event hosts eight separate panels running at a three-hour block hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton: Discovery, Deep Space Nine, Strange New Worlds, The Original Series, Voyager, Enterprise, Lower Decks, and Picard + The Next Generation. The Discovery panel hosted by Burton starts at 12 p.m PDT/3 p.m ET features stars Sonequa Martin-Green[...]
Star Trek: Picard – Robert Ricardo Confirms He’s Not in Season Two
The sandbox expanded when Jeri Ryan from Voyager made her return as the Borg-turned-human Seven of Nine/Annika While the remaining TNG expressed interest returning for season two, another intriguing question arises of who else among alumni from other Star Trek will appear While it's doubtful anyone from the prequel series Enterprise or Discovery (currently in[...]
Sir Patrick Stewart, on "Star Trek" and sonnets, courtesy CBSViacom.
Wardrobe problems persisted as star Garrett Wang attested to during his time on Voyager, which premiered three years after TNG's finale. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Sir Patrick Stewart, on "Star Trek" and sonnets ( As far as the second season of Picard is concerned, EP Akiva Goldsman provided a production update speaking with[...]
Star Trek: Voyager Cast Discusses Characters' Growth, Evolution
When it comes to Star Trek shows, Voyager stood in a class all its own because unlike its predecessors, the crew was completely disconnected from the comforts built by the United Federation of Planets Stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the crew only had their resources and Starfleet principles to survive as they try to journey[...]
LeVar Burton plays U.S.S Enterprise-D’s chief engineer Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in the Star Trek universe, courtesy of CBS All Access.
"You will see us all, probably not all at the same time but… you know, never say never." Burton reprised his role in the Star Trek: Voyager season five episode "Timeless." In the alternate timeline, La Forge is a Starfleet captain in pursuit of Commander Chakotay (Robert Beltran) and Ensign Kim (Garrett Wang), who commandeer[...]
“Voyager”:Tim Russ Posts Cast Selfie Reunion on “Star Trek” Cruise (Image courtesy of ViacomCBS)
Voyager – but most of the cast gathered for a reunion (of sorts) on a recent Star Trek cruise Tim Russ (chief of security Tuvok) posted the selfie on Twitter – and joining in on the shot are Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Garrett[...]
Star Trek Picard - Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
One of the biggest surprise reveals was the addition of Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine, last played by Jeri Ryan in 2001 The addition of Seven to Picard is refreshing given the lack of updates from other Trek characters after TNG outside of Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway Janeway, former captain of the U.S.S[...]