So How Did Dick Grayson Make Detective in a Year in Titans?

Bruce Wayne may be the world's greatest detective, but not even he could move to Detroit, join the police and make detective in a year, without going through police academy and years in uniform first…

But in the new DC Universe streaming series, Titans, that's just what Dick Grayson, Robin-turned-Nightwing, has done.

In the US, a person has to go through training at the police academy and graduating before even getting to be a uniformed policeman. And to get accepted into the academy they have to pass qualifying tests first.

The training at police academy takes around six months. When a trainee graduates, they become qualified as a police officer and are given a uniform, badge and gun, but are still considered rookies.

They still have to be paired with an experienced officer and train for 30 weeks before going through an 18-month period of on-the-job training.

Then they become a proper police officer but they're in uniform on a beat. Uniformed cops have to have years of experience and proven themselves before they qualify for promotion to detective, and they have to be considered highly skilled and motivated before they get a detective badge.

There is no way Dick Grayson could show up in Detroit, go over to his local police station or academy, tell them he wants to be a copper and suddenly end up a detective in a year.

here are officers who get fast-tracked to detective, but all of them have to go through academy training first. The fast-tracked ones might be the ones groomed to become brass, might be legacies, ie sons or family members of someone important like the Mayor or the Governor or Commissioner. Could Commissioner Gordon have put in a word? He would be isolated as the other detectives on the squad would resent the shit out of him and isolate him. It would take him a long time to earn their trust and respect.

But these are considered political appointees and not expected to be there for long, just to rack up a good-looking CV before moving on to higher office. There are those who become favourites, having been the drivers or assigned bodyguards to the Commissioner or Mayor and then given a chance to choose their posting, and they might take detective because that's the elite rank in the police.

But very, very few coppers make rank of detective while in their twenties. And not within a year.

Could Barbara have hacked the system? Will someone notice? If they do, it won't be Batman who they'll be swearing about…


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