269 NYCC Cosplay Shots – From A 90s X-Force to a Topless Lady Deadpool

A staggering amount of cosplay from New York Comic-Con 2018 on the Saturday, outstripping even the 125 from Adam Wolfe that ran yesterday. Thanks to Michael Watters, Jason Borelli, Amanda Gurall, Adi Tantimedh, Richard Epstein, Hugh Sheridan for Bleeding Cool for their tireless snapping – and all the cosplayers who gave permission as well. Can […]

Comixology Bestseller List – 7th October 2018 – The Walking Dead Beats Batman

Matthew Snyder writes, Welcome to the Comixology Bestseller list, your guide to see how well your favorite titles are selling digitally. Every week I'll post the ranking of every new title, plus a ranking of the best selling volumes & graphic novels. As always, I hope you find it interesting and informative. Bit of a […]

Fitch and Baker – The Art of Pitching to Publishers at New York Comic Con

Matt Fitch and Chris Baker at New York Comic-Con to promote their new graphic novel from SelfMadeHero/Abrams, Apollo. They let us know how they got there with this little video… But now they are there, what else will they be getting up to? They write, ——- So as fun as New York Comic Con is, […]


A Video Walkaround New York Comic Con 2018's Showfloor

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Amanda Gurall, a video walkaround New York Comic-Con 2018's showfloor on the Saturday. What – or whp – can you see? Do you make an appearance? Do you wish you were there? I know I do. London says hello…. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Walking Around New York […]

Journey Into Unknown Worlds for Marvel's 80th Anniversary

Bleeding Cool ran stories on Marvel's anniversary horror/western/romance comics they are publishing in 2019, back on Thursday. But as they have announced them to the public today – it looks like we missed one of them. The pulp sci-fi title Journey Into Unknown Worlds #1 by Cullen Bunn, Clay McLeod Chapman, Francesco Manna and more… […]

Alex Ross Returns For Marvels' 25th Anniversary Covers

2019 is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvel series. I remember picking mine up at Forbidden Planet in Newcastle and fiddling with the funny acetate on the covers… No idea if these will get similar treatment. But for the anniversary of the series, Marvel will be running a series of Alex […]

Carmen Carnero Announced as an Exclusive Marvel Comics Artist

We haven't had a Marvel or DC exclusive creator announcement in ages. Well, the Marvel Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con just did that. And that Carmen Carnero is now an exclusive Marvel artist. Recently working on Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Gotham City Garage for DC Comics, she has started working on the […]

Brian Bendis Bringing the Legion's United Planets into DC Continuity

At New York Comic-Con, Brian Bendis has just given the crowd the word that he will be bringing the United Planets from Legion of Super-Heroes into modern DC Comics continuity, at the end of his first arc in the Superman comic book. And giving the arc its title, Unity. The United Planets is a governing […]

Young Avengers Will Return in 2019

The question was asked at C.B. Cebulski's panel at New York Comic Con today. And it was answered too. Young Avengers will be returning to Marvel Comics in 2019. The editor-in-chief told a questioner in a Wiccan costume that the series would be returning in 2019 and that she would be "very happy" Young Avengers, […]

Barry Will Tell Iris About Wally in January's Flash Annual

The recent issue of Green Arrow saw everyone upset about the death of Roy Harper in the recent Heroes In Crisis series, including the Justice League – but not one mention that Wally West died literally alongside him. It was a strange disconnect. Will the Flash Annual do the same in January? Madeline Ricchiuto has passed […]

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to Get Back Together in Heroes In Crisis

It's not just Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn who are getting back together in Heroes In Crisis. At the DC Comics panel at New York Comic-Con, Heroes In Crisis writer Tom King said that Booster Gold would be getting back together with his superheroic partner from the days of the Justice League, Blue Beetle. The […]