Truth Seekers Review: Nick Frost, Amazon Series Our New Found Favorite

It's difficult to nail the combination of horror and comedy, especially when it comes to television, but Truth Seekers has found a sweet spot in their first season. Amazon Studios has mastered a partnership with Nick Frost and his imaginative solo work and work with friend Simon PeggTruth Seekers dropped all 8 episodes of its' premiere season on the 30th of October, with each episode being around 28 minutes each. The amount of time in each episode works not only for the storyline it has developed, but it also helps build an audience willing to possibly binge-watch the whole season and do so quickly. This looks to be a good sign since I personally vary on which shows attract my willingness to binge-watch them, but Truth Seekers sucked me in just at the end of the first episode.

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Image from Truth Seekers trailer. Source: Amazon

Character development is a strong component of this series, with the addition of individuals into the tv world such as Samson KayoSusan Wokoma, and Emma D'Arcy. The way the characters show personality and specified drives in each episode is another factor as to why falling in love with them became so easy to do. Truth Seekers didn't allow itself to be too kind to their characters either, they allowed the flaws to become evident, showing what makes us human in many ways from trauma, to grief, and even in how vulnerable we allow ourselves to become in front of other people.

The duo that is Gusand Elton from the beginning is something to hopefully be further developed, even more than it has already done, in a sequential season. I hope the same for others, especially a favorite of mine being Wokoma's character, Helen, who is Gus' sister. Her struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia are well navigated in a story with already so many interesting pieces. The space presented and given to a woman of color on screen was accomplished without treating them as a side note for the whole season.  Instead, the audience was slowly given more and more of what will make Helen a fan-favorite character in Truth Seekers.

Truth Seekers
Image from Truth Seekers trailer. Source: Amazon

I'm not one to reveal every aspect of a series or episode in my reviews, it doesn't always work for what I'm going towards in what I wish to say. This applies especially for Truth Seekers, in that the series is branding itself as one with fun and interesting twists and turns for both the characters and their world setting. What I will say for sure, is that the balance the series is able to find between smart revelations of character and the best traditions of supernatural horror is why Truth Seekers is so watchable. And while I hope to see announcements soon for the production of a second season, the reality of COVID and the ups and downs that is original streaming content lifespan is in charge of all that…so we shall wait and see.

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