Victory Road Results – EC3 Continues to Torment Poor Moose

Impact Wrestling's Victory Road, and Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis of said Victory Road, continues with a match that I'm not sure was even actually on the card tonight.

Moose, who for my money, has the best entrance in Impact Wrestling, heads to the ring. He's looking pretty pissed, having been tormented by EC3 for weeks now and without his TNA Heavyweight Championship. Trey Miguel comes out, and it's time for the sixth match of Victory Road.

The logo for Impact Wrestlings Victory Road quasi PPV
The logo for Impact Wrestling's Victory Road quasi-PPV.

Victory Road Part 6 – Trey vs. Moose

  • The story here… well, there isn't much of one between these two. Moose's feud is with EC3, and so conventional wisdom dictates Ec3 will play a role in this match somehow. Trey, well, he seemed poised to break out to the next level in Impact a few months back, but he's been losing pretty much all the time lately, and I don't expect that to change tonight.
  • Moose goes hard after Trey and starts yelling at him: "Where's my title?!" "I'm a damn wrestling god!"
  • I just want you all to know: I'm recapping this.
  • Moose stops to yell at the camera while brutalizing Trey: "EC3, I want you to know, his family's gonna have to start a GoFundMe because of you!"
  • Moose is clearly dominating Trey all match, but he gets distracted by an EC3 logo on the Impactron and gets rolled up, so Trey wins.

After the match, Moose runs out to the production truck to find EC3. There's no one there, but all the monitors are showing his logo. When Moose triest to leave, he's locked in. Then EC3 plays weird sound effects that freak Moose out. He escapes the trailer and runs through the parking lot. He finds a candlelight memorial set up with the TNA Championship. But EC3 attacks him from behind. He says that in Impact on Tuesday, the TNA Heavyweight Champion will die.

But tonight, there's more Victory Road, and we'll be bringing you results, and analysis live (well, mostly) here at Bleeding Cool, so check back soon for the next match.

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