Was WWE's Hell in a Cell Fiasco Part of Long-Term Scheme to Make Roman Reigns "The Guy?"

Finally, the truth has come out. Following WWE's disastrous Hell in a Cell PPV, in which the referee stopped the match out of concern for the supernatural monster The Fiend after WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins inflicted objectively less violence than seen in many other Hell in a Cell matches, the company kept both Rollins and The Fiend off the following episode of Monday Night Raw, barely even mentioning the previous night's main event. Now, WWE has announced that Rollins will face Roman Reigns on this Friday's edition of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, which, now that we think about it, explains everything.

Think about it. Roman Reigns wasn't the start of WWE's belligerence toward fans, but his multi-year unwanted push as the company's top babyface was surely the worst example in recent memory. Yes, Reigns' cancer scare was enough to get fans to stop booing him, but WWE has also kept him far away from the title picture as a precaution. But has WWE given up on making Roman "The Guy?" Surely not. When has Vince McMahon ever admitted he's wrong?

Instead, WWE has engaged in a long-term plan to finally get Reigns over. Step one: establish The Fiend as the hottest wrestler in the company. Step two: book a match between The Fiend and Seth Rollins, who fans were already tiring of, which The Fiend can't possibly win, rousing fans' suspicions that WWE will screw it up. Step three: screw it up more epicly than anyone could have even imagined with an ending to Hell in the Cell so bad the crowd chants "REFUND" and "AEW." And finally, Step four: book Rollins, who will now have nuclear heat the next time he's on television, in a match with Reigns.

When Reigns defeats Rollins, Reigns will be cheered more loudly than he ever has been before. It will be a moment years in the making, and surefire proof that WWE does know how to engage in logical, long-term booking; they just mostly choose not to.

Tune in tomorrow, folks!

Was WWE's Hell in a Cell Fiasco Part of Long-Term Scheme to Make Roman Reigns "The Guy?"

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