Whose Torso Is That in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Tease?

After spending what felt like years (just humor us) scouring social media for word on the second season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, could we finally be getting clues to some real news? Nothing against the teaser posters of Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin Min that were released, but three months ago feels like three years in streaming time. And if we're being completely honest, after getting that update from Eric Kripke yesterday about The Boys, we were hoping TUA would follow suit.

The eyes have it in the new promo key art for The Umbrella Academy season 2, courtesy of Netflix.
The eyes have it in the new promo key art for The Umbrella Academy season 2, courtesy of Netflix.

But what is it exactly that we're seeing? It's a post with two umbrellas (that's what we're placing all our chips on that it's TUA), with an image of someone's torso but whose body is it? Through process of elimination, we've narrowed the lost down to Hopper, Castañeda, Sheehan, Gallagher, Min, and Pogo. From the size standpoint, we're taking Gallagher and Pogo off the list. You know what? Let's add Sheehan to that list since I haven't seen anything lately that shows how sporting jacked arms. Now that I think about it, that goes for Min, too (though I might regret that one). This leaves us with Hopper and Castañeda, and I think this comes down to ink: Castañeda has ink on his forearm that would be noticeable in the image below, and it doesn't look like a cover or filter. So we're going with Hopper as our choice, especially because the body type is similar to how he looks in his Instagram posts. Unless it turns out to be a new cast member, nothing to do with TUA, or Pogo's really been working out during his downtime:

In March, series creator/EP Steve Blackman took to Instagram to show the team working hard on post-production on the live-action adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's comic book series. Then last month, Min offered us a personal glimpse into how ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) recording was going (otherwise known as "looping"). At the beginning of May, Min shared an image from a Zoom meeting with EP Jeff King, Kripke, and the cast that shifted our hopes into overdrive.

Here's a look at what appears to be the season's episode titles and writers, according to the WGA site. We're avoiding assigning them specific episode numbers until they're confirmed, but the running order for the season could be as follows (with writers included): "743" (Bronwyn Garrity and Roberto Askins), "A Light Supper" (Aeryn Michelle Williams), "OGA for OGA" (Nikki Schiefelbein), "Right Back Where We Started" (Blackman), "The End of Something" (Blackman), "The Frankel Footage" (Mark Goffman), "The Majestic 12" (Garrity), "The Seven Stages" (Goffman and Jesse McKeown), "The Swedish Job" (McKeown), and "Valhalla" (Robert Askins). Just a quick reminder that all of this is unofficial until it's official, but they do have us curious.

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