WWE: Alexa Bliss Schools Ronda Rousey on Wrestling Industry

MMA-turned-WWE superstar Ronda Rousey's latest shoot on professional wrestling and its fans rubbed many of her co-workers the wrong way. Among them is Alexa Bliss, who responded via Comic Book about Rousey's comments and the rough couple of years battling injuries. "I feel like anybody can think what they want about what we do, but what we do is freaking hard," Bliss said. "I understand that, and I have a lot of respect for Ronda and what she does in UFC and everything like that. She came to WWE, and we were more than accommodating to her and more than willing to work with her and make sure that she had every tool to succeed because MMA and WWE are a lot different. And yeah, she came with a big fan base behind her and everything like that, but she wouldn't have been as successful if it wasn't for the women in the ring with her that were willing to work with her. She's very talented on her own as well, but it's a two-person thing. No one looks good by themselves."

Alexa Bliss Ronda Rousey WWE
Alexa Bliss responds to Ronda Rousey. Credit: WWE


Injuries Make Professional Wrestling Very Real for WWE

Rousey likened her WWE experience as "fake fights for fun." The only thing fake about wrestling is the predetermined outcomes. The injuries as Bliss attests make the risks as real as it gets with her long recovery period. "And I guess the thing that kind of irked people, me especially, was the word 'fake'," Bliss said. "I hate that word, especially because I almost wasn't cleared because of multiple concussions and my whole 365 documentary is about that. And for me if it was 'fake' I would have been 100% the whole time." The seven-time champion also took exception to what Rousey called "ungrateful fans."

"But like I said, I have a lot of respect for Ronda and what she did in the company and everything like that, but when the WWE universe was so open to her, don't crap on us because the fans were more than loyal and that's the part of being in WWE," Bliss said. "You're going to get cheered. You're going to get booed and you just have to adjust to that. I loved getting booed because then I knew I was doing my job, but some people take to it differently. And if she comes back, hopefully, she just stops using the F word." Obviously, you can't compare what happens during a WWE match to the randomness of the MMA. MMA events feature stacked cards because of the typical short matches.  The time between MMA fights is far more forgiving than the grueling grind of a WWE schedule.

Suggestion for Rousey's Future in WWE

Wrestlers perform a combination of stunts, aerial assaults, brawling, and grappling with minimizing injury for their art. The repetition combined with inconsistent coordination increases the chances of injuries every time high-impact moves hit. It's the kind of stigma many of the ignorant continue failing to understand about the business. It's cheap heat even as a worked shoot. If anything, this proves all the more reason why Paul Heyman needs to act as her mouthpiece similarly as he does for Brock Lesnar.

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