WWE Breaks Up Greatest Tag Team Ever in Latest WWE Draft Picks

The greatest tag team in WWE today is no more after the latest round of WWE Draft picks. Revealed on the latest episode of Talking Smack, Retribution's Mace and T-Bar will go their separate ways, with Mace now appearing exclusively on Smackdown and T-Bar wrestling for the Raw brand. The Chadster has never disagreed with any decision WWE has made in The Chadster's entire life, and he isn't going to start now, but The Chadster is still sad to see his favorite tag team broken up by the draft.

WWE Breaks Up Greatest Tag Team Ever in Latest WWE Draft Picks: Retribution
The Chadster will remember you, Retribution. Will you remember The Chadster?

Many people have called the American Civil War one of the greatest tragedies in history because of all the deaths, and because of the stories of brothers fighting against brothers, and also of course because one side was definitely pro-slavery, which The Chadster heavily disagrees with. But nearly as big a tragedy, in The Chadster's opinion, is the fact that Retribution never got to have a run with the tag team championships.

Yes, it's true that The Chadster was not initially a fan of Retribution. After all, The Chadster doesn't believe in anarchy, and The Chadster was admittedly pretty upset when Retribution first came around and was saying mean things about how WWE overlooks stars and doesn't give them opportunities. The Chadster was also not a fan of Retribution's attacks on WWE, such as lighting a generator on fire or pushing over stacks of boxes in the WWE performance center.

But Retribution eventually grew on The Chadster, starting when they signed contracts to become a Raw-exclusive pseudo-anarchist group. Yes, they were still anarchists, but they were anarchists who follow the rules, which is The Chadster's favorite kind of anarchists. Additionally, The Chadster is of the opinion that no one can be that bad if they've signed a WWE contract.

Soon, Retribution became The Chadster's favorite tag team, largely due to the group's willingness to fight the AEW bias on Twitter by ruthlessly attacking anyone who said anything bad about them or WWE on Twitter. And soon The Chadster realized that Retribution represented Mr. McMahon's true genius, his willingness to come up with ideas and stick with them even when no one else is able to see how smart they are. That's why The Chadster loved Retribution, and why he's sad to see their run together end.

But just like putting Retribution together was a genius idea by Mr. McMahon, so too is breaking them up. How does The Chadster know that? Because he's Mr. McMahon. All of his ideas are genius.

Here's the full list of WWE Draft picks revealed on talking Smack. Going to or staying on WWE Raw are: Akira Tozawa, Alpha Academy (Otis & Chad Gable), Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez, Doudrop, Drake Maverick, John Morrison, Nia Jax, 24/7 Champion Reggie, R-Truth, T-BAR, and Zelina Vega. Going to or staying on WWE Smackdown are: Aliyah, Drew Gulak, MACE, Mansoor, Mustafa Ali, and Toni Storm. You can see a full list of the picks made on WWE Smackdown the night prior here.



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