WWE Raw 6/13/20 Part 2: Seth Rollins Gets His Comeuppance Early

We left off in part one of this WWE Raw report just as Seth Rollins was about to walk to the ring to cut a long and boring promo about his feud with Rey Mysterio. Before that, we saw a long and boring promo segment between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. We also saw the return of Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler. Read about it here as we pick up where we left off.

WWE Raw 6/13/20 Part 2 (Image: WWE)
WWE Raw 6/13/20 Part 2 (Image: WWE)

Seth Rollins finally comes out. He reads a poem he wrote about what an Eye for Eye match is. Rollins has been trying to figure it out, but now he understands Rey mean it literally. All Seth wants to do is lead Monday Night Raw to a brighter future and Rey has resisted every step of the way, and now Rollins has to compete in a match at Extreme Rules, the goal of which is to pluck out an opponent's eyeball. Seth says there's never been a match with a stipulation so barbaric in the history of the WWE.  Seth, there have been matches where you have to light your opponent on fire or bury them alive. Wasn't there a match where Big Boss Man was supposed to be eaten alive by dogs or something? Eye for an Eye is up there, but it's not the most barbaric.

Seth says he never meant to hurt Rey Mysterio, He did everything in his power to fulfill a prophecy from the WWE Universe. We asked him to do this, and that's what he's doing. Extreme Rules is called The Horror Show this year, and that's exactly what it's going to be. Mysterio has forced Seth's hand and now Seth will have to blind Mysterio at the PPV. Then Mysterio will never be able to watch his son be married or get to see his wife's face again. He'll never see another sunrise or sunset. Extreme Rules will be the end of Rey Mysterio, but it will be a new beginning for Monday Night Raw. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Kevin Owens' music plays. Thank god. If I were Rey Mysterio, I'd be asking for an Ear-for-an-Ear match, and them I would let Rollins win and rip out my eardrums, just so I would never have to listen to him cut an overly long and boring promo again.

Owens says he's not sorry to interrupt Seth, but he does have something to say. When he came up with the idea of the winner of their tag team match last week getting to pick the stipulation at Extreme Rules, Owens never expected Mysterio to pick an Eye for an Eye match. But while Owens finds that disturbing, what he finds more disturbing is that Rollins is such a scumbag he was able to make a respected legend and nice guy like Rey Mysterio to the point where he wants to gauge someone's eyes out. But Owens understands because he was willing to end his own career at Wrestlemania just to shut Rollins up.

Owens says he has Rollins covered for after Extreme Rules. He pulls out an eyepatch. The eyepatch makes Rollins livid. He calls out Buddy Murphy to help him jump Rollins and Raw goes to commercials.

When Raw comes back, it's Murphy and Black who are fighting with Rollins and Owens at ringside. They put on a good match in which Murphy works on Black's leg the whole time, but it doesn't stop Black from hitting Black Mass. Of course, this match was never gonna end with a clean pin. Rollins breaks it up and the match ends in a DQ. But with Murphy laid out in the ring, Rey Mysterio's music hits and Mysterio comes out with his son Dominick. The faces surround the ring as Raw goes to commercials.

When Raw comes back, it's Rollins vs. Owens in a very unfriendly-to-Rollins lumberjack match. Owens beats the crap out of Rollins as Black and both Mysterios cheer him on. Rollins begs off and asks for mercy, but Owens isn't feeling mercy. The match is all Owens. Rollins tries to bail but he's surrounded by enemies. He tosses Owens outside instead, but when he tries to follow and attack him, Black and Dominick get in his way. Owens beats the crap out of Rollins around the ringside area and then brings him back to the ring. Rollins keeps trying to roll out of the ring but everywhere he turns he's surrounded. Rollins is getting desperate. Raw needs to go to commercials. Rollins manages to knock Owens to the floor and hits a suicide dive so Raw can do that.

Raw is back, and Owens is in control of the match now. Now Rollins takes Owens outside for some ringside violence. Then he brings him back so he can get too cocky and give Owens an opportunity for a comeback. Owens hits a superkick and then a stunner, but Rollins kicks out. Somewhere in Texas, Stone Cold Steve Austin stomps a mudhole in his television set.

Now it's the part of the match where everyone hits big moves and gets near falls. Owens dodges a stomp. Rollins dodges a stunner. Owens tries for a superplex, but Rollins fights back and tries to rip Owens's eye out. Owens falls to the ground and Rollins stalks him, but Black hops up to the apron to distract Rollins. Then Dominick does. Then Rey. Then Owens hits the stunner and gets the three count.

Interesting move having your heel fight as an underdog babyface in a four against one match which he loses, getting all of the comeuppances he deserves, on the Raw before the blow-off match at the PPV. After the match, Rey tells Rollins that Rollins crossed every line there is to cross in their feud and now it's Rey's turn. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, Rey will make a sacrifice of his own. Rollins will walk into Extreme Rules with two eyes but be carried out with only one.

Ric Flair is backstage. Big Show approaches and wants to talk to him. Ric is glad Big Show is there because he wanted to talk to him. Ric reminisces about his retirement and his career. He spent twenty years of that career with Big Show, and when he thinks about wrestling big guys, Big Show is the best. Big Show starts to tear up as Ric continues to compliment him. But Ric says Big Show is picking a fight he can't win. He left the business and you can't come back. It's like what happened to Edge. It's like with The Rock. Big Show can't let his pride and his reputation take precedence over his health. Big Show should go into the Hall of Fame healthy rather than risk injury against Randy Orton, the best wrestler in the business right now. Ric tells him it's not too late to quit and go back to Hollywood. Big Show pulls Ric back as he tries to walk away. Big Show isn't falling for this (yes you are dude, you're literally crying). Big Show runs down everything Randy Orton has done and points out that tonight Randy is fighting their friend, R-Truth. Is Flair willing to sacrifice his friendships just so Randy Orton can get over? That was a surprisingly complex and poignant segment for WWE Raw. Gonna need some commercials to clear the air.

After the break, we get a Randy Orton Legend Killer video package. Afterward, Orton cuts a promo backstage. He says you're lucky if you make it out of the wrestling industry with a handful of friends. Orton had those friends. Edge, Christian, The Big Show, and Ric Flair. Edge came back, and Orton sent him back home to his family with a torn tricep. Christian came back and wanted to defend his friend's honor, but he selfishly accepted a challenge for one more match. And now The Big Show, with whom Randy Orton has twenty years of history.

Big Show took Randy under his wing, which is why it baffles Randy that Big Show would rather avenge Edge and Christian than maintain his friendship with Orton. Then there's Ric Flair. Flair is family to Orton, which is why it would be a shame if Ric did anything to jeopardize their friendship. As far as Orton's match tonight with R-Truth, Truth has Randy's respect for everything he's done to entertain the WWE Universe, so it will be a shame when Truth is just another chapter in the history of the Legend Killer. Flair walks up excited to accompany Orton to the ring. Orton says he'll be right behind him and stays to look thoughtfully off camera. Is Flair getting punted tonight? Raw goes to commercials, and we'll find out who Orton murders in part three of this WWE Raw report.

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