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WWE Raw 7/27/20 Report Part 2: Mustafa Ali, Jobber to the Stars?

The first hour of Raw featured the return of Nia Jax for a double-countout match with Shayna Baszler, a long-ass Randy Orton promo, and… pretty much nothing else. But the slog continues as WWE Monday Night Raw enters hour 2 of 47.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/27/2020 Part 2 – Yet Another Seth Rollins Promo

Seth Rollins is in the ring with Buddy Murphy and Dominik Mysterio. Rollins understands that Dominik is upset with him for ripping out his dad's eyeball. Rollins wants Mysterio to get whatever he needs to off his chest. Rollins is here for him. Mysterio can say anything at all. Dominik attacks Rollins. Murphy attacks Dominik. They throw him outside the ring and beat him up at ringside. Dominik gets tossed into some barricades and the announce table.

Rollins tells the announcers this s isn't his fault, He didn't want this to come to violence. Aleister Black comes out to make the save but just ends up getting beat up himself. Black has his arm taped up from last week, which serves as a weakness. Black gets tossed into the barricade, then eats a high running knee from Murphy. Rollins hits The Stomp on Black on the floor.

Rollins eyes up the ring stairs. He tells Murphy that Murphy knows what he has to do. Murphy is reluctant, but Rollins slaps him and tells him it's for the greater good. Murphy jams Black's eye on the corner of the ring steps. What, no Rollins puke this week? Rollins is proud of his disciple. He sends Murphy to find Dominik, who is not where they left him. He has a kendo stick. He beats down Murphy and Rollins, who flee up the ramp.

Backstage, R-Truth talks to Mustafa Ali. Truth heard Ali is gonna be on the VIP lounge tonight. He wants to know if Mustafa wants the 24/7 Championship. Ali says no. Truth says he's getting his baby back and he has eyes on "Mufasa." Raw goes to commercials.

MVP is in the ring with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin for the VIP Lounge. MVP says he and the Hurt Business are better than everyone else. Last week, they were trying to celebrate MVP's victory at Extreme Rule where he became United States Champion via forfeit. That celebration was ruined, but at least MVP got to meet Mustafa Ali. He wants to help Ali see the light. He calls out Ali.

Ali comes to the ring. MVP welcomes him to the VIP Lounge. He wants Ali to experience some of the good life. You know, a wrestling ring with some cheap leather couches. MVP warns Ali that this is where he could hang out if he makes the right decisions, but if he makes the wrong decisions, he could end up hurt. Ali says he and Ricochet and Cedric Alexander beat them last week. Ali is happy to be back and to be on Raw and have the opportunity to climb the ladder and become a champion. The real champion, he says.

MVP says he is the real United States Champion. All of the things Ali wants can happen if he makes the right decisions and hangs out with the right people. Ali isn't buying it. He says Lashley and Benjamin are meatheads and he thinks for himself. MVP says Ali isn't thinking very clearly. Tonight he's going one on one with Lashley. MVP says Apollo Crews went down this path and right now he has COVID-19. Does Ali want to get COVID-19? Or does he want to party like a rock star? It's his choice.

Ali says he doesn't care what the proposal is. He said no and… R-Truth comes out of nowhere and attacks Shelton Benjamin. He gets a two-count but fails to regain his 24/7 Championship. Truth retreats backstage and Raw goes to commercials.

Bobby Lashley vs. Mustafa Ali

Back, and Ali and Lashley are having a match. Lashley overpowers Ali at the start and hits a big clothesline. He tosses Ali around the ring and then spears him in the corner. Lashley beats the crap out of Ali with Ali getting zero offense. He hits a big standing vertical suplex. Akira Tozawa attacks Shelton Benjamin outside and gets a two count in an attempt to get the 24/7 Championship. Ninjas attack and Hurt Business takes them out. Lashley murders one by smashing his head into the ring post. These guys aren't very good ninjas. Ali hits a suicide dive on Lashley. Raw goes to commercials.

Lashley is back to beating up Ali after the break. Ali reverses a gorilla press slam and attempts to mount a comeback but Lashley punches him to the floor. He heads outside and tosses Ali face-first into the ring post, then into the barricade. Lashley tosses Ali back inside and pins him for a two-count.

Back to the beatdown. Lashley puts the Vulcan Neck Pinch on Ali. He hits a Flatliner and tries another pin, but Ali kicks out at two. Ali dodges a Dominator attempt and hits a springboard tornado DDT. Ali goes to the top turnbuckle but misses a 450 splash. Lashley gets Ali in the full nelson. Ali taps out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Damn, who did Mustafa Ali piss off?

Charly Caruso asks Dolph Ziggler backstage if he knows what the stipulation will be tonight. Ziggler says he doesn't know, but addressing Randy Orton's promo from earlier, Orton can keep waiting because Ziggler is gonna face Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam. God, I hope not. Raw goes to commercials again.

Tom Phillips plays us a video about Sasha Banks and Asuka. Bayley and Sasha come to the ring. In this match, the title can change hands via DQ or count out, as stipulated by Stephanie McMahon last week. Sasha grabs a mic. She says nobody likes a bully  and there's no bigger bully than Stephanie McMahon (true). Steph is jealous of Sasha and Bayley because they run the whole damn company. Bayley says they are the show and they make it look easy. As role models, they stand against injustice. That's why Bayley took the ref's shirt and counted the pin for Sasha at Extreme Rules. Sasha says the bottom line is they did what they said they would do. They hold all the gold. They've made history. Bayley says Sasha will tap out Asuka, the Empress of Nothing, tonight. Asuka comes to the ring with Kairi Sane. Kairi chases Bayley backstage. Raw goes to commercials.

Sasha Banks vs. Asuka – Raw Women's Championship Match

Back from break, Sasha and Asuka kick off their match alone in the ring. That way it will be more surprising when Bayley comes out to interfere later. Asuka gains the upper hand early. She hits some kicks and a shining wizard, which gets a two-count. Banks tries to fight back but gets caught in an armbar. She reaches the ropes.

Banks attacks Asuka's left leg on the apron and the tide changes. Banks hits a backstabber for two. She puts Asuka in a half crab. Banks works the leg. Asuka kicks her out of the ring. Sasha feels disrespected. She grabs her title and tries to leave, but the ref starts counting her out. Sasha tosses one belt into the ring, and when the ref goes to throw it out, Banks brings the other belt in. As the ref is turning around, Banks tosses the belt to Asuka and pretends she was hit with it. The ref isn't buying it. Asuka kicks Sasha out of the ring and Raw goes to commercials. And since Raw is entering hour three, the rest of this match, as well as the main event, can be found in part three of our WWE Monday Night Raw report.

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