WWE's R-TRuth Releases Music Video for Hit Em Up

WWE Superstar Ron Killings, perhaps better known as R-Truth, has released a music video for his latest rap track, Hit Em Up. The song was created in collaboration with J-Trx. With a career that began in the 1990s, Killing made his WWE debut as the terribly-named K-Kwik in 2000. But after being released from WWE in 2002, Killings went to TNA under his own name, where he became a two-time NWA Heavyweight champion. Killings was fantastic in TNA, where he was taken seriously, but returned to WWE in 2008 under the name R-Truth, a combination of K-Kwik and Ron "The Truth" Killings.

The official logo for the WWE.
The official logo for the WWE.

In WWE, Killings has mainly filled the role of comedy wrestler, and though it's a shame he isn't taken as seriously as he was in TNA, it's also hard to deny that he's really good at it. Killings isn't a one-trick-pony either. His recent run with the WWE 24/7 Championship is only his latest gimmick, but he had a great feud with John Cena in 2011 with his "Little Jimmy" gimmick as well.

And of course, wrestling isn't Killings' only talent. Anyone watching Killings make his way to the ring while rapping his theme song, What's Up, is aware of his rap skills. Killings has released two full-length albums and several singles. Hit Em Up is the latest, and you can watch the video below. Hopefully, Killings filmed this before the pandemic, as social distancing measures are clearly not being practiced in the video, even if Truth does wear a quarantine mask in the beginning while walking a gorilla on a leash.

Unsurprisingly, Killings' track blows another recently released wrestling rap song out of the water. Before WrestleMania 36, The Miz and John Morrison released a diss track to taunt their tag team championship match opponents, The Usos and the New Day. While that track, Hey Hey, was entertaining in a "so bad it's good" kind of way, Killings' Hit Em Up is just plain good. Check out the track and video below. No word on when we might expect another full album release, but you can check out Truth's website here.

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