WWE: Miz and Morrison Drop "WrestleMania" Rap Diss "Hey Hey" [VIDEO]

WWE Superstars The Miz and John Morrison have laid the verbal "smackdown" on their WrestleMania opponents. The tag team champions dropped a rap video dissing The New Day and The Usos. Called "Hey Hey," the video is available to watch on WWE's YouTube channel.

In one scene, Miz and Morrison rap and dance as they're showered in cash, except instead of cash, it's just white paper slips. In others, they gesticulate while standing in abandoned playgrounds and empty hallways. The Miz refers to himself as "The M-I-Z" in the video while Morrison calls himself "Johnny Drip Drip."

"We're tryin' to understand why you pandering clowns always scream the same sermon," The Miz raps in the first verse of Hey Hey. "You're not a New Day. You're a new version of Pee-Wee Herman." Got 'em.


"Nice tights, New Day. Tell [Xavier] Woods to thank his momma," Morrison adds later, with Miz responding, "But how you gonna beat us wearin' cosplay pajamas?"

But The New Day aren't the only ones to feel Miz and Morrison's verbal wrath. In one back and force verse, the duo rap, "Y'all Daniel Bryan, the B+ player. He's (Miz) the A-lister. He's (Morrison) the Slamtown mayor. Kofi's famous for hootin' hoooo like a jerk. The Usos are famous because their dad used to twerk. We know we're stealin' every show that we been in. We're Miz and Morrison. We're famous for winnin'."

A wrestling diss rap hasn't been this scathing since Macho Man Randy Savage's 2003 track Be a Man Hulk.

"Hollywood Hulksta, you're at the end of your rope," The Macho Man raps at his bitter rival in that song. "I'm gonna kick you in the butt and wash your mouth out with soap."

Sadly, Miz and Morrison's "Hey Hey" track may be wasted because their triple-threat tag team ladder match is rumored to be canceled after The Miz went home sick from WrestleMania 36 tapings. Instead, it's rumored that Morrison faced a member of the Uso's in a singles ladder match.

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