Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 3 'Eminent Threat (SPOILER RECAP)


Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's third episode, 'Eminent Threat' (and make sure to catch up on our recaps of previous episodes 'Princes All' and 'Royal We').


Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 3 'Eminent Threat (SPOILER RECAP)

Stargirl interviews Beast Boy about his campaign speaking out against metahuman trafficking, as one of the world's first and only out of the closet metahumans to choose Hollywood over heroism. Beast Boy and Perdita (now she's the girl Wally saved by racing a donated organ across the country in the season one episode 'Coldhearted') are the "it" couple of the moment after meeting at Wally's funeral.

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Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 3 'Eminent Threat (SPOILER RECAP)

Nightwing works his way through the hospital to the lab, where he spies Ecks and Jace. Conner is in one pod, Brion is in the other following the tar treatment. With Tigress and Jeff making their way to the lab through the sewers, Nightwing is about to rush in when Vertigo reappears in the lab.

Vertigo says he spoke with "his Highness", who did not order Brion to undergo the treatment. Overhearing this, Nightwing assumes that Vertigo is talking about Gregor. Jace says that she did this because the mysterious leader named Bedlam has grown out of control. Brion is the metahuman they need to stand up to "his Highness" and stop the trafficking.

DeLamb arrives in the lab and Nightwing realizes that he is Bedlam (DeLamb is an anagram of "bedlam"). He is upset that the one night he is needed to make a public appearance as the crown prince's regent is also the one night the bad guys not only can't run the lab themselves but risk exposing all they have done.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 3 'Eminent Threat (SPOILER RECAP)

In the sewers, Plasmus ambushes Tigress and Jeff. The refugee – which Tigress names Halo – arrives and shields them from Plasmus's attacks. With no way out, the group is forced to go up into the tunnels – where the villains are loading up the remaining kids in pods for an escape. Jeff is adamant that they rescue the kids, but Nightwing is focused on getting to Conner first. When Vertigo and Bedlam join the fight in the tunnels, Nightwing enters the lab and rescues Jace. The two free Conner and Brion and make their way to the battle.

With the kids loaded, Bedlam grabs the security footage from the lab and uses a boom tube from the dissected mother box to get himself and the kids away. The lab is blown to hide the evidence of the experiments, including a bunch of containers labeled "Apokolips." Hmmm….

Arriving back at the reception, DeLamb announces that Brion is a traitor to Markovia and a meta-human trafficker, and implicates the prince in the murder of the king and queen and abduction of Tara two years earlier.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 3 'Eminent Threat (SPOILER RECAP)

Jeff is furious that they lost the abducted kids. Robin reminds him that while it wasn't the victory they had hoped for, it is still a victory. With the evidence and Jace's testimony, they can bring down Bedlam. Unfortunately, Bedlam got the jump on them and has already begun spinning the story.

Brion awakens. Upset and disoriented, his meta-gene powers kick in, causing him to manipulate geological forces. Conner helps Brion calm down and get his powers under control, until the group finds out how DeLamb is telling the story on TV. Brion takes control of his powers and heads to the royal palace to confront his uncle as Conner follows.

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Vertigo, Ecks, Plasmus, and others confront the team. Nightwing uses a smokescreen in an attempt to reduce the villains's advantage. During the fight, Plasmus grabs Halo and kills her by burning her alive. Seeing another child killed is the trauma Jeff needs to get his powers back and he lashes out at Plasmus. A farmer watches the two battle, going to get his gun in order to help against the monster. Jeff locates the control disk on the back of Plasmus's head and blasts it. Freed from Vertigo's control, Otto helps the team defeat Ecks as Vertigo escapes. Halo resurrects and heals. It looks like another victory for the team until the farmer returns and shoots Otto – thinking the metahuman a monster.

At the royal palace, Brion calls out his uncle. The two fight, forcing DeLamb to reveal that he is also an activated metahuman. With Conner's help, Brion overpowers and defeats Bedlam – revealing the former security chief's lies. Gregor calls for security to arrest Bedlam for his crimes against Markovia. The nation's UN ambassador tells Gregor that the country needs more from him than just being the king. Markovia needs a fresh start. Gregor banishes Brion from Markovia, asking Conner to take care of him.


That's it for this weekend's new episodes of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders.

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