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Young Justice Season 5: Greg Weisman Doesn't Have James Gunn Hotline

If you've been following along over the past few months with the all-too-painfully-real soap opera that is Warner Bros. Discovery ever since "Disco" David Zaslav and his team took over, then you know that it's been an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with lay-offs, downsizing, and shows either being canceled, shelved or written off as if they didn't exist. When it comes to the DCU, it's been even more volatile, but a glimmer of hope appeared last month with the news that James Gunn & Peter Safran would be running DC Studios moving forward (answering only to Zaslav), mapping out a plan for the DCU that reportedly will be ready soon and will roughly lay out a reported 8-10-year vision. Could that roadmap include Greg Weisman & Brandon Vietti's Young Justice, which is creeping up on six months since its fourth season finale first streamed? On one hand, WBD has been pretty vicious with its handling of animation across the board. But on the other hand, they did give Harley Quinn a green light for a new season, so that might be seen as a bit more of an "open mind" when it comes to the animated DCU.

young justice
Image: HBO Max, HBO Max Screencap

Fans are hoping so, but it still looks like the best way to make it happen is to show "The Powers That Be" not only does the show have a strong following, but it also has a strong following that streams the show steadily between seasons. And as we've seen in the past, a regular, in-your-face presence on social media with "#RenewYoungJustice" or other campaigns can definitely work. But with Gunn taking over a position of geek power like he is, there are some folks out there assuming that means Gunn's just a hotline phone call away from making everything right. When that option was presented to Weisman via Twitter, the Young Justice series co-creator offered a straightforward reality check as to why that's probably not a viable option:

young justice
Image: Twitter Screencap

In fact, just last week? Gunn was kind enough to share a ballpark figure of the number of tweets he receives every day from DCU fans offering their "advice" on what Gunn should do as the new co-boss of DC Studios. And that's just the fanbase… we can only imagine how many unsolicited offers of "help" Gunn and Safran have received since their new titles were announced. :

Here's a look back at Vietti's tweet from June, thanking the cast, crew & fans for all of their support over the years with the hope that another season could be on the horizon (along with the show's season key art sporting a very cool "yearbook' take to express their gratitude and appreciation further):

young justice
YOUNG JUSTICE – Image: HBO Max (B. Vietti)

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