Lying In The Gutters – 26th August 2013

Jennifer Saunders watching the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday. Well, Edina wouldn't be anywhere else would she? Photo by me.

I'm in Brighton for a few days with the family (with some wonderful hotel wi-fi). Apologies if anything is tardier than usual, but I've just been swimming in the English Channel. Anyway, I needed a break from being compared to a car thief by a senior Marvel Comics executive.

But that's the week ahead, what have you been reading the past week? Well, there was one story…

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Ben Affleck Is Batman In Superman/Batman, Opening July 17th In 2015
  2. Warner Bros Receive 50,000 Complaints Over Casting Of Batman
  3. Comic Industry Responds To Affleck As Batman
  4. The New 52 Gets A New Lobo And Its Not Who You Think
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch's Political Message To The Masses From #Setlock
  6. Scarlet Witch Casting Moved On To Elizabeth Olsen
  7. DC Comics Rename Justice League Of America As Justice League Of Canada
  8. So… Which Writers Are Crossing The Floor From DC To Marvel?
  9. Nightwing Will Explode The Internet On September Fourth
  10. Captain Marvel And Venom Cancelled? Or Is There Something Else Going On?
  11. Steven Moffat Acknowledges That The Doctor Can Only Regenerate Twelve Times
  12. Did DC Comics Spoil The Identity Of The Outsider In Trinity War?
  13. There's A Petition Against Ben Affleck As Batman, Because I Don't Know Really
  14. Will Nightwing Get Civil Warred?
  15. Wait… Didn't We Just Get A New Lobo Origin?
  16. When A US General Called Superman A Coward And A Mass Murderer To His Face
  17. Has The Legion Of Superheroes Been Shunted Off Into Earth 2?
  18. First Look At Michael Rooker As Yondu On The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy
  19. Nineteen Thoughts About Nineteen Comics
  20. Two Views On The Doctor Who Missing Episodes

And Ten You Might Prefer

  1.  Star Wars: Jedi Academy By Jeffrey Brown Takes On Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
  2. Hayao Miyazaki Says A Nausicaä Sequel Could Happen, With Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno As Director
  3.  Al Ewing And The Avengers – Then And Now
  4. Terry Gilliam's Comic-Con Introduction, Director's Statement And The First Poster For The Zero Theorem
  5.  The First Image From This Year's Biggest Selling Graphic Novel
  6. Steven Charles Gould to write Avatar Novels Set Around The Sequels
  7. Have The Unfunnies Been Excommunicated From Millarworld?
  8. Japanese Trailer For Oliver Hirschbiegel's Diana – And Stewart Lee's Brilliant Routine About Mourning The Princess
  9.  Briony Hatch, The Sister Of All Graphic Novels, To Be Read To Neil Gaiman
  10. Edgar Wright Planning "Very Visual" Horror Film, Still Working On Bad Robot Sci-FI Film‏




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