Batman: The Devestator Has Been Unleashed with Prime 1 Studio 

It was only yesterday when we covered Prime 1 Studio's latest DC Comics Batman statue. They took fans back to the Dark Multiverse with Earth -1 and the fall of the Dark Knight to the Doomsday Virus. It looks like our Caped Crusader has fully transformed now as Prime 1 Studio debuts its new Dark Nights: Metal Devastator statue. Coming in at a whopping 36" tall, this impressive statue captures the unleashed Bruce Wayne who took on and killed Superman in his world. An impressive amount of detail was captured here from the intense rocky skin and veins bringing this nightmare to life right before DC Comics fans' eyes. A bonus part is also included with this release, with a swappable left hand featuring a torn Superman cape, which is a beautiful addition. Batman The Devastator is not a cheap collectible as he comes in at a whopping $1,949. Payment plans are offered, and fans can find one of the Dark Knights up for pre-order here. 

Say Goodbye to Batman and Hello to the Devastator

"In the DC Multiverse-spanning epic, Dark Nights: Metal, not only did a Dark version of the DC Multiverse exist, but a malevolent force was gathering all the evil, corrupted versions of Batman from each Negative universe into a perverted and frightening version of the Justice League: The Dark Knights!"

"Prime 1 Studio proudly presents this terrifying 39-inch-tall take on a corrupted Caped Crusader: The Batman of Earth -1…THE DEVASTATOR! Prime 1 Studio's talented artisans pulled out all the stops with this statue. As massive as it is complex, this is not just a simple Doomsday clone…this is Doomsday with the super-intelligence, martial arts mastery, and strategic guile of Batman…combined with the super speed, super strength, and durability of Doomsday. As The Devastator was borne out of a Doomsday Virus-infected Bruce Wayne, this hulking monstrosity is shown with the shredded remnants of Batman's uniform. The Devastator comes with a poseable fabric cape…one of the last remaining vestiges of a Batman gone bad."

"This Deluxe Bonus Version comes with not one, but three (3) swappable heads to extend The Devastator's emotional range as he ravages the Dark Multiverse! What's more, when you pre-order this Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will receive a cool, iconic & extra Bonus Part: The torn and damaged remnant of Superman's cape!"

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