Funko MCU – Guardians of the Galaxy 18" Groot Pop

The newest Funko Pop from Guardians of the Galaxy has arrived as Groot is large and in charge. Groot is the newest member of the growing 18" Funko Pop line and marks the first Marvel addition. The line is not that extensive with only a couple releases so far with two Batman and one Harry Potter. Marvel finally enters the 18" section with Dancing Groot and being a completionist for the Funko MCU it was a must-have for my collection. We recently talked about all of the Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pops and even gave Groot his own section. This figure now will mark the most expensive figure from the series just by retail value alone of $100. With this Pop finally hitting store and getting our hands on one, we just had to add this Pop to our Funko MCU Guardians of the Galaxy series. So let's plant ourselves like a tree as we water in our newest Funko deep dive.

As a collector, it was surprising to see the 6" Pops get released and even more surprising to see 10" get made. The 18" Pop reveals were a monumental creation and a must-have for any dedicated Funko Funatic. It was not until they announced that Groot from the MCU would be getting his own that I knew I had to get involved. The biggest issue with this Pop is simply the price of $99.99 as it is a lot for a single Pop. A 10" sells for $30 and for just 8 more inches it costs 60 more bucks. The price aside, this Pop is a massive and beautiful addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy collection. Unlike the usual window packaging, these figures are too big, so they just come in a massive box. With the bigger size, Funko was able to really capture the wood texture throughout the figure which is very well done. His design is quite similar to the smaller Pop vinyl but has an extra display base on the bottom. The bottom does say that "I Am Groot" showing off the lovable catchphrase he is known for.

After seeing all of the Funko MCU Groot Pops, this one is a definite priority for any fan. Guardians of the Galaxy Pop collection continue to get new additions and even if it is an old design the size changes it. Unlike the 10" Pops, these bigger models need to stay small and simple. Keeping them in short supply will make each one a truly unique collectible for any Funko fan. Groot is a very popular character and if he is the only 18" Marvel Pop then I'm glad they picked him. Expand your Funko collection with your own 18" Dancing Groot here.

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