BC Toy Talk: Here is What A Collector Gets For Christmas

Christmas 2021 has come and got, and now collectors have a whole new assortment of sweet collectibles to add to their growing collections. As a collectibles writer, I see nearly everything, so it is elementary to acquire, purchase, and know when the latest goodies are dropping. So what does a collector get for Christmas? Well, I will tell you, and it covers a nice assortment of popular toys that have dropped this year and last year. Most of these items are still available for purchase, and I have linked each item with a link to allow other collectors the ability to purchase them as well. I opened five incredible collectibles this Christmas, which consisted of:

  1. What if…? Marvel Legends Deluxe Hydra Stomper – Hasbro
  2. Star Wars: The Vintage Collection The Mandalorian Imperial Trooper Transport – Hasbro
  3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse MAFEX No.109 Spider-Man (Peter B. Parker) – Medicom
  4. Plunderlings Feral Zombone – Lone Coconut
  5. Star Wars Silicone Ring Lightsaber Collection – Enso Rings

Many bases were covered for Christmas, and I sure appreciated the mixed variety of stuff I was so kindly given by loved ones and family. What If…? is easily one of my favorite Disney+ series to drop this year with an unbelievable payoff and great set of stories. Hasbro really captured the series with their Marvel Legends series, and while I did buy the whole wave to get that BAF The Watcher, the Hydra Stomper evaded my grasp. Speaking of Hasbro, with the arrival of the HasLab Razor Crest in 2022, I wanted to finish up my Star Wars The Mandalorian TVC collection, and the Trooper Transport was a necessary need. Not only does it hold twelve Stormtroopers, but it's beautifully detailed and will be great with the upcoming Navarro Cantina TVC Playset.

We then go on to the final three Christmas collectibles like the awesome Plunderings figures that are the perfect figure for so many reasons. I got Feral Zombone, but there are plenty to choose from, and each is loaded with detail, character, articulation, and is quite addicting to get. I did get my first MAFEX figure ever for Christmas this year, and it was one I have been waiting for with the arrival of Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. Swap between Peter and Spider-Man with ease, with great detail, accessories, and a design that is too amazing to pass up. However, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was the Silicone Ring Lightsaber Collection from Enso Rings with Yoda, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker designs. These stylish beauties are comfy, colorful, and a great way to show your love of Star Wars with your significant other. These are my pulls for Christmas 2021; what are yours?

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