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Loki Receives New Avengers: Infinity War MAFEX Marvel Figure
The God of Mischief went toe-to-toe with Thanos and sadly lost, but that version of Loki still exists, and Medicom has brought him back for their Marvel MAFEX line Standing at roughly 6.3" tall, the figure is loaded with detail, accessories and features a fabric cape Some of the added accessories included swappable parts lie[...]
DC Comics Huntress Arrives in Gotham with New MAFEX Figure
Collectors now get to bring Helena home with this beautifully crafted MAFEX figure from Medicom, standing roughly 8 inches tall. She will feature both fabric and plastic elements, is fully articulated, and captures her appearance in the Batman: Hush comic The Huntress will also come with a bow staff, swappable faceplates, fabric cape, and interchangeable hands,[...]
The New Batman Adventures Joker Receives New MAFEX Figure
Gotham is about to explode into chaos as Medicom reveals their newest DC Comics MAFEX figure from The New Batman Adventures Animated adventures continue as the Clown Prince of Crime is back with a brand new figure that is nicely detailed and articulated Standing 6.3" tall, Joker is back, featuring an animated design and a[...]
Symbiote Spider-Man Return with New MAFEX Marvel Comics Figure
Medicom has just announced their newts Marvel MAFEX figure as Peter Park dons his legendary black costume once again This black costume later becomes an entity of its own known to many fans as the King in Black: Venom Return back to the gold ole days with Peter Parker at the wheel of this alien[...]
DC Comics Batman Hush Receives Stealth Suit Jumper MAFEX Figure
The Batman Hush DC Comics storyline has been quite popular with Medicom and their MAFEX figure line We have seen a nice assortment of Blue Suit Bats, Black Suit Bats, Superman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Hush, and even Catwoman It looks like another Batman Batsut is on the way as the Stealth Jumper Suit deploys into[...]
Iron Man Jumps Out of Marvel Comics With New MAFEX Figure
Collectors can grab the Marvel MAFEX No.165 Iron Man (Comic Version) for $144.99, with him set to release in June 2022 Pre-orders are already live, and fans will be able to get their orders in right here Be sure to check out some of the incredible Marvel figures coming to us Medicom with a great[...]
Cyborg Superman Comes To Earth As New MAFEX Release
Medicom is bringing this Cyborg Superman back with their newts DC Comics MAFEX release. Standing roughly 6" tall, the Reign of the Supermen villain capture both Superman and Cyborg details perfectly Hank will feature swappable parts, including hands, hand blaster attachment, and 2 blaster effect pieces Medicom showcases him in the classic Man of Steel costume[...]
Harley Quinn From Batman: Hush Gets Her Own MAFEX Figure
Medicom has slowly been releasing figures from their MAFEX line from the popular DC Comics storyline Batman: Hush We have already seen quite a few characters arrived like Superman, Catwoman, Joker, and even two different versions of Batman Medicom has revealed their next DC Comics as Harley Quinn joins the chaos of Hush's plan She[...]
Captain Marvel Embraces the Endgame With New Marvel MAFEX Figure
MAFEX has really brought this version of Cap to life, and she will be a worthy addition to any MCU collection The Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel MAFEX Figure from Medicom is priced at $99.99 She is set to join the Avengers in their fight in April 2022, and pre-orders are already live and can be[...]
Jean Grey Joins Her Fellow X-Men With New Marvel MAFEX Figure 
The Marvel Comics X-Men Jean Grey MAFEX figure from Medicom is priced at $104.99 She is set to release in March 2022, and pre-orders for her are already live and can be found in a variety of places like here Be sure to check out some of the other X-Men Medicom figures already available now[...]
The Mandalorian IG-11 Finally Gets His Own MAFEX Figure
Medicom is slowly building their Star Wars universe as they have finally released their IG-11 MAFEX figure This breakout character from the first season of The Mandalorian was a hit, and fans can now bring him to your shelves, standing 7 inches tall and with massive amounts of articulation. IG-11 will come with a wide variety[...]
Harley Quinn is Back With A New Birds A Prey Figure From Medicom
The Hyena is a very unique touch for this figure and will look amazing with this or any other MAFEX Harley figures in your collection The Birds of Prey MAFEX No.153 Harley Quinn (Overalls Ver.) from Medicom will be priced at $104.99 She is set to release in January 2022, and pre-orders are live and[...]
The Boys Billy Butcher Takes The Fight to the Supes with Medicom
We also got reveals from NECA for their Starlight and Homelander figures, but Medicom got fans really excited with their Homelander MAFEX debut The figure features high attention to detail, a great set of accessories, and a fabric cape which is a huge plus Now it's time for The Boys to get their turn in the[...]
Doctor Strange is Back With New Infinity War MAFEX Figure
The Sorcerer Supreme is back as Medicom finally gives fans a full look at their new Doctor Strange MAFEX figure Coming out of Avengers: Infinity War, the doctor is in and is packed with movie accurate detail and accessories Standing roughly 6 inches tall, he will come with two different head sculpts featuring standard and[...]
The Boys Homelander MAFEX Figure Arrives With Deadly Power
The upcoming MAFEX figure has been teased left, and right and now fans get the first look as pre-orders go live Homelander is a true American hero but has a bit of a dark side, and it really shows with this MAFEX figure The Boys figure stands roughly 6 inches tall and will have television[...]