The Current Aftermarket Values of the GI Joe Classified Series

One of the biggest toy lines to come out of 2020 is easily the G.I. Joe Classified series from Hasbro. This action figure line took fans by surprise and has been hot-ticket items for collectors throughout 2020. The line features GI Joe as you've never have seen it before as they take on the 6-inch figure line with new designs, better articulation, and fun accessories. These highly detailed figures feature some of your favorite GI Joe's and Cobra members that fans and collectors fell in love with back in the 80s. Everything kicked off with a deluxe Snake Guys in February 2020 and was a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive. Since then, we have seen a huge righty of characters from both GIJoe and Cobra who have received common and retailer-exclusive releases. It has been quite some time since we have seen a new G.I. Joe Classified Series figures hit shelves since the release of the newest wave that featured the Red Ninja, Cobra Commander, and Gung Ho. There have been announcements of upcoming figures, but they will not here until 2021. So during this downtime, we wanted to look at the current values of the highly popular G.I. Joe Classified Series and how they hold up on the aftermarket after their itital release. As of right now, here are the current rankings:

Common Releases:

  • 01 Roadblock – $15
  • 02 Snake Eyes – Retail
  • 03 Destro – $27
  • 04 Duke – Retail
  • 05 Scarlett – $16
  • 06 Cobra Commander – Retail
  • 07 Gung Ho – Retail
  • 08 Red Ninja – $35
  • 15 Destro (Profit Director) – $25

Retailer Exclusives:

  • 00 Snake Eyes (Deluxe) – Hasbro Pulse Exclusive – $92
  • 09 Cobra Commander (Snake Supreme) – Hasbro Pulse Exclusive – $68
  • 10 Beach Head (Cobra Island) – Target Exclusive – $62
  • 11 Roadblock (Cobra Island) – Target Exclusive – $27
  • 12 Cobra Trooper (Cobra Island) – Target Exclusive – $100
  • 13 Baroness with C.O.I.L Bike – Target Exclusive – $90
  • 14 Storm Shadow – Amazon Exclusive – $35

The retailer exclusive Joe's are the hottest of the lot, which is no surprise. The Red Ninja seems to be the rarest of the common figures sought after by army building collectors. It seems to be a tie between GI Joe and Cobra for the rarest and most valuable figures in the line. Representing the G.I. Joe's, we have the deluxe Snake Eyes and Beach Head. For Cobra, we have the Baroness and Cobra Trooper, which have been very elusive since their release at Target stores.

Many collectors have dropped off the GI Joe Classified series due to the difficult nature of obtaining these figures. Most of the time, these figures are off shelves by the time they are put on them and making it quite difficult for even the simplest collector to get them for retail. It does look like some of the original figures are still valued at retail, as we have seen many restocks lately. Hasbro has announced another wave of Cobra Island figures set to hit Target at the beginning of 2021. There will also be a new common wave of figure featuring the Cobra Trooper, Zartan, Flint, and Lady Jaye. The love for G.I. Joe is back and better than ever as Hasbro has created such an amazing line of figures that can be beloved by new and old fans. All of the older Joes are still get restocks in Target, Walmart, and GameStops, so keep an eye out for them. Fans can pre-order some of the upcoming 2021 GI Joe Classified Series here.

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