DC Comics Joker Wears His The Joker War Batsuit with Prime 1 Studio

Batman has been very busy lately dealing with the Deathstroke War, Fear State, and before all that, The Joker War. Gotham has been turned into a war zone as Joker enacts another deadly plan. It is up to Batman and the Bat-Family to take him down and try not to die in the process. One of the climactic moments was the introduction of a new Batsuit for the Dark Knight, a shining hope for a bright future. However, Joker tainted that suit and twisted it into his own design. This creepy and twisted suit comes to life as Prime 1 Studio unveils their latest DC Comics statue.

Coming in at 30" tall, Joker is beautifully carted in his batsuit from Batman #99 right off the pages of DC Comics. Prime 1 Studio packed in tons of color and detail into this piece showcasing the Clown Prince on the wreckage of the Batmobile. Three head sculpts are included with a masked, half-mask, and bonus unmasked portrait. Collectors will be in awe from this beauty and chaos of this piece, and he comes in at a whopping $1,499. Pre-orders are live right here, and this Joker is set to arrive in Gotham once again in April 2024. 

Relive The Joker War Once Again with Prime 1 Studio

"Appearing in Batman #99 of The Joker War arc, The Joker has further violated not only Batman's property but also his teetering psyche! He has committed yet another unimaginable act of perversion! The Joker has reanimated Alfred's dead body and stolen the Future Batsuit that Alfred made for Batman…a future where Batman would have been ready to become a brighter symbol of Gotham! However, that brighter future is in peril as The Joker has taken Batman's Future Suit and defiled it with his own take on the Caped Crusader's costume."


"In this 31-inch-tall statue, the talented artists at Prime 1 Studio have delivered another comic-accurate masterpiece! The Joker is at his most colorful in this Future Batsuit replete with bright blues, an eye-catching purple cape, and as his malicious tweaking of the Batsuit shows…the bright red smile over the Bat symbol and his trademark HA-HA-HA's all over the place."

"The Joker's malevolent sneer comes in a couple of unique swappable heads: The Joker can either be fully cowled, or he can be wearing a half-destroyed cowl, showing more of his evil intent. And when you pre-order this Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor will you receive a cool, extra Bonus Part: a completely unmasked swappable head. The Joker's malevolence is on full display!"

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