Embrace the Fellowship with Our Lord of the Rings Gift Guide 

Lord of the Rings fandom is in full effect as Amazon Primes Rings of Power is underway. This new series takes fans back in time before the forming of the rings and the rise of Sauron. This series has been truly a wonder, and if anything, it has brought me right back to a franchise I love. With all these Rings of Power news, it is nice to take a break and remember where our love of The Lord of the Rings all started. Fellowship of the Ring kicked off a craze in the early 2000s that I do not think we will ever get back. However, there are plenty of new collectibles out there that fans and collectors can get their hands on to show their love. We have rounded up a nice assortment of The Lord of the Rings collectible start fans will not want to miss out on. 

Build the Fellowship and Sauron with Diamond Select Toys

Lord of the Rings Arrives at The Loyal Subjects BST AXN

Two different types of figures are featured in our list, starting with Diamond Select Toys' new line of figures. These Gallery figures are nicely detailed with Orcs, heroes, and villains; all featured with accessories and detail to keep having you collect the line. Each figure will also have a special Build-A-Figure part, allowing fans to build the powerful Sauron that you will want to build an army for. You can find all of these Diamond Select Toys figures right here with four series currently out and even some deluxe figures like Gollum. The Loyal Subject is up next with a slick set of 5" scale figures with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf leading the charge. Packed with detail, the AXN BST line is early what you want, and for $19.99 right here, it is a line you can not really beat. 


Type in Elvish with Drop's New LOTR Collab

Wear the Power of The One Ring with The Noble Collection

We do have some non-toy items like the new Drop x Lord of the Rings Keyboard Collab that puts your love for the series at your fingertips. Both Dwarves and Elvish models are available, featuring unique keys featuring the Middle-Earth language that will impress any dedicated fan. You can find all thing Drop right here and even check out the custom Lord of the Rings Keys to really put the power of Sauron on your desk. If replicas are what you are after, then, The Noble Collection is where you want to stop. Their LOTD jewelry is remarkable, like this One Ring Serling Silver replica that can almost tempt you to watch the films over and over. This and other gorgeous replicas will soothe your Hobbit soul right here, and be sure to watch Rings of Power on Amazon Prime right now.

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