Flashpoint Batman Coming Soon as Kotobukiya Teases New Statue

Kotobukiya is taking us back to the DC Comics event Flashpoint with their recently teased statue. For Batman Day 2020, the company has unveiled that Flashpoint Batman will be at one of their next DC Comics statues. For those unaware, the Flash went back in time to save him mom and accidentally created a paradox called; Flashpoint. This world showed an alternate depiction of some of our favorite heroes one of which was Bruce Wayne. In this world, Bruce died in the alley as a kid from teh gunman instead of his parents. This then leads to his dad, Thomas Wayne, becoming the Batman of this Earth after he couldn't save his son. If that was strange enough, Bruce's mother, Martha Wayne, sank into madness after her son's death and became that Earth's Joker. This Batman has been quite iconic with his slick devilish costume design with a light gray, black, and red color scheme. Kotobukiya only showed off a teaser of this upcoming ArtFX statue and we want more. The statue is quite dynamic and captures that Thomas Wayne Batman costume perfectly from the pointed shoulders to the mesmerizing red. If you are a Batman fan then this will be a must-have statue for your growing Dark Knight collection. It might not be the Caped Crusader we know but it is still non the less the savior of Gotham.

Flashpoint Batman Coming Soon as Kotobukiya Teases New Statue
Credit: Kotobukiya

The Flashpoint storyline is iconic and a big defining moment for the DC Comics landscape. In this new world that Barry Allen has created, it showed DC Comics fans new designs for some of their favorite comic book heroes. It would be amazing for Kotobukiya to continue this trend and bring those designs to life with some more new ArtFX statues. With Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Reverse Flash, it would be great to add these depictions to our comic displays. Kotobukiya also mentioned on top of the statue tease that fans should stay tuned to their social media accounts as pre-orders will go live in the coming weeks. Going off of previous DC ArtFX statues, I would be surprised if we saw a price tag over $100. Until then, Flashpoint enthusiasts can check out the current of line-up  DC Comic statues coming soon from Kotobukiya here. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more information as well as pre-orders are finally released in the coming weeks.

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