We Unbox the Funko X-Men 20th Anniversary Mystery Box

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Fox's X-Men franchise. You know what that means though, new collectibles that revisit the films. Last month's Amazon Marvel Funko subscription box was if course the 20th Anniversary of the X-Men. With pretty of great things to show off for the series, let's quit wasting time and jump right on into this Funko unboxing.

Right off the bat, the box shows off that metallic X-Men logo from the film with the door that lets to Cerebro. Opening up the box, we are greeted without the first item, a Funko Pop tee. The Pop Tee is more for the comic book fans but the colors and the design are popping! The 90s X-Men costume was classic so this tee is quite well and I love having more nerdy Pop shirts in my wardrobe. Our next two items are usually jazz with a Pop Pin featuring Professor X and a Nightcrawler sticker. The sticker is quite similar to the SDCC Nightcrawler Pop that is sold out pretty much immediately. The three non-Funko Pop items are always fun to get the Pop tees are always fun to see and great to wear.

We now move onto the main event of the Funko X-Men subscription box, the Pops! There were two X-Men Pops in here with are featuring the main man himself Wolverine. The first one is a military uniformed bone-clawed Logan. This of course takes place before the Weapon X program so this is from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We also got a unique Mystique/ Wolverine combined Funko Pop. Coming out of X-Men, this transforming design is a true wonder and a must-have for any X-Men fan. Both Pops are nicely detailed and a great representation of the 20th Anniversary of X-Men. These boxes will go back up in a month or so with the leftover boxes but fans can look forward to September's theme: Marvel Zombies. Fans can lock down their subscription here and join in on all the Funko Fun.

We Unbox the Funko X-Men 20th Anniversary Mystery Box

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