Funko Announces X-Men Movie Pops Are On the Way!

Funko has finally officially announced the long-rumored X-Men Movie Pops. With 2020 being the 20th anniversary of the Fox Studios X-Men franchise this is no surprise but a huge delight. There will be 13 Pop vinyls in total with 2 being retailer exclusives. These Funko Pops will be covering the original X-Men trilogy with, X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand. First up we are going to look at the retailer exclusives as Target is getting a metallic version of Mystique. It also looks like X-Men: First Class snuck on in with the Young Magneto which will be a Walmart Exclusive. Now we are gonna look at the massive release of character as Storm, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine, Logan, Cyclops, Dark Phoenix, Beast, Nightcrawler, and Rogue are all getting their live-action performances Pop-ified. Each one of these figures is perfectly designed and are all great for the X-Men films.

These Funko Pops have been rumored for quite some time but it is nice to have actual pictures to the idea. Being a huge fan of the X-Men film franchise it is awesome to see these characters get new collectibles after all this time. The Hugh Jackman Wolverine and Logan Pops will be very popular amongst collectors. It has been quite some time that we have seen some of these older X-Men in the Funko Pop game so all of these are new and updated molds and are beautifully done. Professor X, Nightcrawler, and Storm really stand out here with there poses and designs. This whole set will be on my radar for the coming months and pre-orders are starting to go live. The Funko Pop X-Men Film Figures are set to release in August 2020 and you can find pre-orders located here. The Walmart Young Magneto is already live as well and can be found here. I'm glad this was one of the series not postponed and it brings a little hope back for the upcoming summer. Check out all of the official Funko glams below and who are you excited to add to your collection?

Coming Soon: Pop! Marvel – X-Men 20th Anniversary

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