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Let's Take a Look at the Funko Savage World Horror Icons Figures

Funko announced their new line of Savage World figures a couple months back, and I have been hyped to get them. Thundercats are nice, but my interest lies in the horror icons. I am an unabashed horror freak, and I love me some slashers. These five figures represent some of the most iconic characters horror films have ever seen. And to top it all off: they are figures in the old Masters of the Universe style. It is like Funko created these just for me. Are they worth picking up? Let's dive in and find out.

Funko however gets the finger wag of shame right off the bat. The packaging on these figures are cool, I like how the bubble forms around each figure to hold them and their weapon of choice in place. But they spelled Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger's names wrong on both the front and back of the card. A small screw-up, I know, but for MOC collectors it bothers me, and for fans it in inexcusable. That shouldn't happen, and Funko needs to be more careful.

Looking at the figures themselves, all five are great. Starting with Jason, he comes with an axe and his machete, both with handles made from bones. Each figure is six points of articulation, at the head, hips and legs and arms. Just like He-Man. In what will be a common theme for all of these, the handles on the weapons are too thin for their hands, so they don't hold them very well. Where these figures shine is the sculpt. I love the look of these guys, all bulked up and with character-specific battle damage to their familiar costumes. The ribs sticking out of Jason's chest, his broken mask. Awesome stuff there Funko.

Pinhead comes with the most accessories, with a giant knife, a razor hook, and a puzzle box, of course. He has the least amount of battle-damage, as he should. He would thrive in a Savage World.

Freddy is the most boring of the five, but his sculpt is great. I like how his iconic sweater is nothing more than a sash at this point, and his burns are really well done. His glove is an attachment, and the fingers are made of rubber so they don't stay all the way straight, which is a shame.

Leatherface comes with two different hand attachments. The chainsaw of course is the main one, with a hammer also included. I love the blood splatter, and the hook chain belt is a great touch. Like the others, the head sculpt is great, the mask stitching really pops and he looks quite demented.

The main event for me is Michael Myers (MYERS Funko). If he held his knives better, this would be a perfect figure. They absolutely nailed the head sculpt. It is perfect. I love how his gas station uniform is portrayed here as well, right down to the stitching on the pockets. Those knives though.I can get past it, but it does not look right at all.

Funko Savage World Horror Figures 4

So, should you buy these? At $14.99 a figure (that's what I paid, I have seen them as cheap as $12.99 on preorder), I would say yes. Card issues aside these pose and stand really well, feature great, imaginative sculpting, and offer a really unique take on some of horror's most beloved characters. I wish they held their weapons better, and I really wish Funko had not screwed up the cards ( I would get a second set to keep MOC if they hadn't), but these will be great Halloween display fodder every year, and will look great on my horror shelves.

If you want to get these for yourself, they are hitting at Gamestop pretty hard, or you can order them here.

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