Funko Announces 10" Disco Skeletor Funko Shop Exclusive

Masters of the Universe fans have something new to look forward to as a Funko reveals their newest Funko Shop exclusive. Skeletor is back and this time he is returning to his iconic Disco Skeletor costume. It has been quite some time that we have seen this costume in Pop form as it was a 2013 San Diego Comic Comic exclusive. That figure was limited for only 480 pieces and is now valued at roughly $1,200. This black hood variant of the iconic Master of the Universe villain will be getting a new pose for this 10" which is similar to the upcoming normal Skeletor figure coming later this year. The new mold and larger size will have more detail than the smaller version and will be quite sought after. Funko was rumored to have lost the Masters of the Universe license awhile back but that is far from the truth with a reveal like this.

I am not that surprised that they went with the disco Skeletor variant. This is a very popular costume and with the recent Funko Soda reveals It was a matter of time before he came back into Pop form. A 10" version is still pretty risky as they are not quite selling out as fast as the normal Pop version. Funko seems to be quite fond of the 10" lately and that is sad as this would be an easy sell out if it was its usual size. Not many 10" figures grab my attention anymore but this one and the supposedly postponed 10" My Hero Academia All Might do. The Masters of the Universe Disco Skeletor 10" Funko Shop Exclusive will be priced at $30. Sales go live today June 10th at 2 pm eastern and you will find him located here. If preparing to snag up this beauty I would be prepared 5 mins before and have those clicking fingers ready, good luck fanatics!

Funko Announces Disco Skeletor 10" For Funko Shop Exclusive
Credit: Funko

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