Toy Takeover: Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect Card Back Dinos by Kenner

In 1997 we were blessed with the science fiction adventure film Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The film showed off a more wild environment for the dinosaurs that the first film started. However, this only started the amazing mythos of this dinosaur world and in 1998 Kenner marketed off it. They created the amazing toy line known as the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect which had an end goal of a possible TV series. This show was never made and the toy line was cut short but the first wave of figures was already released. The story behind these figures was based around The Lost World where a group of scientists wanted to recreate more dinosaurs but was stumped on how to complete the DNA process. If you remember in the first film, they spliced dino DNA and filled the gaps with amphibian DNA. These scientists decided to expand their skills by creating new monsters with a fusion of multiple dinosaur DNA and even fill the gaps with other exotic living animal codes. This created the Chaos Effect and each figure is beautifully crafted, has its own backstory, and its own stats.

10 dinosaurs were made in the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect line. Velociraptor and the T-Rex seemed to be prime DNA candidates for the experiments giving us "more teeth". We will only be talking about 6 of these figures this time as they came in a card backed packaging showing off a purple background with the Chaos Effect logo. The package was filled with its combined monster ingredients, stats, and some of the upcoming figures. These Frankenstein monsters are pretty rare to come by still in the package as they can range at a minimum of $30 and going up too $100 for the right Jurassic Park dino.

  • Amargospinus: Combined the DNA of both Amargosaurus and Spinosaurus dinosaurs.
  • Tanaconda: Created using Tanystropheus and modern Anaconda DNA.
  • Tyrannonops: Combined the tiger/reptile Lycaenops with the DNA of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Ankyloranodon: Combined the strength and armor of an Ankylosaurus with the wings and body of a Pteranodon.
  • Raptor Alpha: Purebreed Velociraptor with peak performance with night camouflage
  • Compstegnathus: A created by mixing the DNA of Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, and African Tree Frog.

My personal favorite Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect figure is the Compstegnathus. It combines the unique properties of two dinosaurs with the attributes of a tree frog to create an ultimate beast. The body style of this abomination is similar to that of the Velociraptor figures but the added color and spikes might say otherwise. The Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect Kenner toy line is a perfect example of the crazy 90's toy we got. These Frankenstein dinosaurs were not so far different from the Kenner Aliens line and it gave us some unique combinations of Aliens with modern day animals. With NECA revisiting the Alien Rhino figure with complete remaster, maybe someone needs to revisit the Chaos Effect island. Or possibly we could get re-released figures like how Hasbro is tackling The Real Ghostbusters Animated Figure line that are hitting stores now. There are plenty of Jurassic Park and dinosaur fans out there that would easily buy these back up. The time for the Chaos Effect is upon us and we need to go back to the Park and make some more monsters.

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