Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Collectibles for Fan First Friday

Just ahead of the legendary Star Wars fan day, May the 4th, Hasbro has given fans new figures and collectibles to look forward to with Fall 2020 releases and upcoming pre-orders. During their Fan First Friday livestream event, they showed off 8 new products covering their Black Series and The Vintage collections. The event was heavily focused on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes 40th Anniversary which is not surprising as it is one of the most beloved films the series franchise. First up they showed off some new additions to the Black Series Collection with 4 new figures starting with a newly designed Stormtrooper. This figure has better articulation than before as the shoulder armor is not attached giving more range of motion. Then we got to see the Kamino Clonetrooper return with a new 6" design that is fully detailed and will come with two blasters. The next two figures are from Empire Strikes Back as we get our last addition to the Spring 2020 Carbonized line as Darth Vader joins Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper. Hasbro stated that it was hard to give definite shine with the all black look which led them to look at early concept designs for his look. This ended with them incorporating a blue hue to the class Vader costume to bring out that shine. For the next Star Wars Black Series figure reveal, we got a look at special Dagobah two pack feature both Luke and Yoda. This two pack includes a new mold for Yoda that will have the ability to be carried on Lukes back. The training Luke will also include a pair of interchangeable heads that will give collectors the ability to display him in his training handstand. The final reveal was for the Replica Black Series line as Hasbro announced the Boba Fett Prototype helmet. This helmet is just like the recently releases Empire Strikes Back Boba Feat helmet but features a nice paint swap feating the iconic bounty hunters concept look.

We now move on to the growing Star Wars Vintage Collection series with 3 new figure releases. The first of the three is the only 3.75" figure announced as Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker will be getting his debut. This figure will feature the classic Star Wars: A New Hope card back and will have a removable helmet. The next two reveals are both 6" figures with the first being a special two pack featuring Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Hasbro did mention the reason these two were packed together was for their original Kenner error name swap as these figures have the correct names once again. The last figure for the Vintage Collection is everyone's favorite scoundrel, Han Solo, but Carbonized, literally. This figure will include a nice display base that will allow collectors to pose the carbonized scoundrel in a nice variety of ways from standing to floating. Hasbro didn't hold back with this and even though it was Empire heavy it was nice to see some new molds and new figures get announced. Us here at Bleeding Cool are pretty excited to see the Luke and Yoda two pack, Carbonized Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper Luke figures. Pre-orders recently just went live and you will ben able to find them located here.

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