Hasbro Showcases Upcoming Marvel Legends 2022 Iron Spider Figure

Spider-Man and Marvel Legends fans were in for a real treat the other day as they gave collectors a taste of what is to come. It is the 20th Anniversary of Marvel Legends this year, and Hasbro has revealed that on the 20th of each month there will be a Marvel Legends update. On this 20th, we got a surprise review for the upcoming Spider-Man Iron Spider comic book figure from the incredible D Amazing. I love watching D Amazing reviews, and his photography is just legendary, so it was nice to see him showcase this figure to the world. Collectors and Spider-Man fans can check out his full review of the upcoming figure below which is set to have pre-orders drop in Spring 2022.

As you can see, this figure captures the iconic Spider-Man Iron Spider design from the Marvel Comics Civil War arc. I am shocked at how incredible the articled limbs really enhance the figure. Spider-Man really switched up his fighting style to more spider than man in the comics so it is nice to see it come to life with that new Marvel Legends design. The metallic shine on this bad boy is also great, capturing that Stark Industries' design which is also a necessary piece of the puzzle and its shows that Hasbro did not hold back with this figure. Be sure to check out pre-orders dropping in Spring 2022, and be sure to check out all of the other incredible reviews from D Amazing right here and be sure to subscribe.

"Fire photography from D-Amazing helping us reveal the NEW Marvel Legends Series Iron Spider figure! Check out more from this artist on Instagram @d__amazing and the D Amazing YouTube channel. Keep your eyes out for this AMAZING Marvel Legends figure, coming to Hasbro Pulse! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Marvel Legends, we'll be showing off new content on the 20th of every month! Stay tuned!"

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