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Spider-Man Gets a New "Avengers: Endgame" Figure from MAFEX

Collectibles have easily been flying out of the woodwork and why wouldn’t they, Spider-Man rules! This time we can add another Iron Spider figure to our going Spidey collections as MAFEX announces a new figure This one comes with the Nano Gauntlet, external leg attachments, and a kill mode head This figure should please a[...]

Iron Spider Jumps into Action with New Hot Toys Figure

Iron Spider made his appearance in the Civil War event in Marvel Comics with Amazing Spider-Man This iconic suit put Peter on Tony Starks's side during the Civil War Hot Toys has announced that the Iron Spider armor is coming to life with their newest figure The figure comes in at 12 inches tall and[...]

Iron Spider Is Ready for His Final Battle with New S.H. Figuarts Figure

Iron Spider Is Ready for His Final Battle with New S.H. Figuarts Figure

Iron Spider’s return in Avengers: Endgame brought a tear to the eye of many fans We were all excited to see Peter Parker return as Spider-Man once again The Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark made and we saw in Avengers: Infinity War is definitely something special You can bring that Iron Spider suit home[...]

New Beast Kingdom, Hiya Toys Figures Include Thanos, Spidey, Batman

New Beast Kingdom, Hiya Toys Figures Include Thanos, Spidey, Batman

A new Thanos, and a variant of their Iron Spider Civil War figure All of this wil lbe in shops come February Check it all out below!From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Injustice 2 follows Batman and his allies as they try to rebuild the planet after taking down Superman, ending his reign of terror[...]

New York Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Galore! Get Your Wallets Ready

An Iron Spider-Man and Iron Man with multiple attavhments will also be available The best news however is a new two-pack with Cap and the debut of Peggy Carter! We also saw the first figures from Spider-Man: Far From Home, along with a new two-pack from Homecoming with Pete and MJ Finally, Shuri will round[...]

MAFEX Iron Spidey Infinity War 7

The Iron Spider Suit from Infinity War Gets a MAFEX Figure in Spring

Infinity War hero Spider-Man debuted the MCU version of the Iron Spider suit Now, the MAFEX version will see stores in April of next year.The super-articulated figure will have interchangeable hands, feet, and web pieces Magnetic feet will be included for different types of posing, and there are six different spider legs to attach to[...]

Spider-Man #240 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Spider-Man #240 Review: Another Heartwarming Bendis Farewell

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Spider-Man awakens in a hospital bed having lost time and feeling unwell. His mom informs him that he's been unconscious for days. Dr. Claire Temple arrives to tell him that he has a viral infection, and his spider-powers make it more difficult to treat him properly. As we are given flashbacks to the […]

spider-man hot toys

Spider-Man Gets One Heck of a Cool Infinity War Hot Toys Release

As with the others, the Iron Spider is ridiculously awesome looking Peter features a detailed version of his Iron Spider suit, complete with LED eyes, four spiderlegs, an interchangeable mask-less head with a detailed face portrait of Tom Holland, 12 interchangeable hands Just tons of stuff He should be up for order this weekend Check[...]

infinity war marvel legends

Let's Take a Look at the Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends

I love the Iron Spider suit, it is a great look But man does he look weird with two thwip hands constantly A real shame there.Once they are all open, you can build Thanos from his appearance in Infinity War In the first pics, people dinged this figure for the headsculpt, but in person it[...]

Spider-Man #238 cover by Patrick Brown

Spider-Man #238 Review: Simply a Good Comic

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Iron Spider and his Sinister Six at last enact their plan to steal a SHIELD helicarrier Thankfully, the younger Bombshell lets Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man, know that the Sinister Six are stealing the helicarrier.[caption id="attachment_807373" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Spider-Man #238 cover by Patrick Brown[/caption]With this issue, Spider-Man enters the climax of the 'Sinister Six[...]

infinity war thanos figure

Infinity War S.H. Figuarts Figures Galore Coming This Year

She comes out in July, and I can't wait.Spidey is in his Infinity War Iron Spider suit, and like the company's other Spidey figures is super-articulated for just about any pose you can think of to get him in Looks like he also comes with narrowing eyes to swap out Spidey swings into collections in[...]

Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends Waves 1 and 2 Fully Revealed

Movie figures include a new version of Captain America with his new Wakandan shield, Iron Man yet again, Spidey in his Iron Spider suit, and Proxima Midnight Comic figures include awesome looking versions of King Cobra, Songbird, and Taskmaster These are hitting some stores now, and should be everywhere starting this weekend.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="803001,803014,802999,803015,803000,802998,803003"]For[...]

Marvel Shares Their Top Spider-Man Costumes – Well, Sort Of

it's a Venom costume. if you think that maybe they ran out of costumes, so the did it this way? Iron Spider is not included in the list And you can see from the recently done Mondo print below, there are a few others to choose from The print is by artist DKNG.[...]