Hulk Becomes the Time Stone in Walmart Exclusive Funko [Review]

Hulk did what he had to do to u so what Thanos has done. He took the sacrifice and embraced the power of the infinity stones. Funko has done it again with their newest Walmart Exclusive Chrome Hulk figure. A lot of collectors lately have voiced their adamant opinions on how bad they hate chrome figures. They seem cheap and are very overproduced. On occasion though, sometimes a Chrome does its job. Let's dive into the Chrome Hulk.


Walmart scored 6 Exclusive Funko Pop Hulk figures for Avengers: Endgame. Each one is a separate color to represent one of the infinity stones. They did this last year with the 6 Thanos Chrome figures. At first glance, they do look cheap but don't judge a book by its cover. The box is very simple like usual and nothing out of the ordinary.

The Funko Pop itself was quite interesting, Funko had already released a 6" version of Hulk wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. I originally thought these were all going to just be recolored models of the 6". I was surprised when it was a normal-sized Pop. I started with the Green Color (the time stone). It seemed the best choice as Hulk is already green. The green here actually shine and I like it. It is different the most chromes you see. It isn't a Mardigras style Chrome, this is cloud-style Chrome. Hulk is holding the gauntlet just like his 6" counterpart and it fits this figure nicely.


With this not being the first chrome set to I wanted to compare it to the Thanos set. Green vs Green seemed like the best and wow you can see the difference. The paint alone is completely different. Thanos seems a little cheap but with that Mardi Gras bead style. Hulk is the same plastic but the paint screams out to you.

These Chromes are unique in their way. They are representing the infinity stones and that is pretty cool. Each set shows an iconic character when they managed to obtain the power of a god. For people who want to complete sets, this is a must but if you just want Hulk and your favorite stone it's a great little addition to any collection. All six colors are available in Walmart stores or you can buy your own here.

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