Iron Man's Mullet Returns with Hasbro's New Retro Marvel Legends

It has been an absolutely fantastic time to be a Marvel Comics fan with new movies, shows, and plenty of collectibles. Hasbro's Marvel Legends line is easily the best line out there, and while it can be pricey and hard to acquire, these figures are incredible. One of the coolest and newest lines to arrive from Hasbro is their Retro Marvel Legends line, which pays homage to classic Toy Biz releases. We have already seen releases like this for the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-Man, and now Iron Man. It was not long ago we saw War Machine arrive on the scene with a fantastic animated-style figure, and now Tony Stark is here. Tony is back and rocking that classic mullet once again with a slick new Deluxe figure box set. The Iron Man Model 13 armor returns in bright colors and a massive set of accessories to please any Marvel fans. 

Mullet Tony Stark will come in a nice Toy Biz-inspired packing with the figure getting the return of window packaging (which most retro figures will still be getting). Iron Man will also receive a solo-packed Pulse Cannon that is so big it needs its own display base just to hold it up. That classic cannon is accompanied by multiple blaster effects as well as three head sculpts for Tony to rock. This is a worthy figure for the Marvel Legends Retro line, and Deluxe Mullet Tony is priced at $44.99 with December 2022 release and found here. Be sure to snag up the War Machine as well to reunite these Iron Bros once again, and you can find him here. 

Iron Man Unleashes Some Plasma Cannon Power

"Tony Stark's Modular Iron Man Armor gives the Armored Avenger access to an evolving range of advanced weaponry, from his repulsors and uni-beam to the devastating plasma cannon! Iron Man blasts into Marvel Legends donning his Model 13 armor with this premium 6-inch-scale action figure! This Marvel Legends Iron Man figure features deco inspired by the legendary Modular Iron Man Armor as seen in Marvel Comics!"

"Marvel Legends Series Iron Man figure is highly posable for display and play and comes with alternate hands, alternate head accessories, a plasma cannon accessory, and 2 blue blast FX! Includes retro-style cardback inspired by the classic Marvel Toy Biz designs. Look for other Hasbro Marvel Legends Series figures with Marvel Comics-inspired characters (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)"

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