Kingdom Hearts III Aqua and Terra Arrive with Square Enix Bring Arts

Kingdom Hearts III collectibles continue as Square Enix has announced two new heroes fro their Bring Arts line. Coming out of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and returning in KH3 is Keyblade Master Aqua and wielder Terra. Both figures are beautifully crafted and designed and bring the characters to life right out of the game. Aqua comes in at 6" tall, comes with three face plates, interchangeable hands, Master Keeper Keyblade, and a display base. Terra on the other hand stands at 7", swappable hands, two keyblades with the Earth Shaker Keyblade and the Master Zea Note Keyblade. Terra will get a secondary head letting him turning into his Xehanort counterpart. These characters are a big part of Kingdom Hearts lore and will be great additions to any fans collection.

Kingdom Hearts III Ventus has already been announced and now these friends can be reunited once again. Whether you are a fan of Birth By Sleep or KH3 these will be figures fans of the series will not want to miss. The Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix Bring Arts figures are expected to release in 2021. Aqua is priced at around $91 USD and is she comes out the closest with a January 2021 date. Pre-orders are not live on US sites but she can be found on Square Enix Japan here. Terra is set to release in May 2021 and he will be priced at roughly $101 and he can also be found located here.

"From "KINGDOM HEARTS ", the young key blade master Aqua appears in Bring Arts. The feminine and supple silhouette of the costume on which you feel the strength of the core is reproduced, and the dignified appearance of Aqua is reproduced. Costumes are made of soft materials throughout to ensure a range of motion. In addition, new joint parts are used for the shoulders and knees for smoother posing. The accessories include the "Master Keeper" key blade inherited from his master, Master Erakuus, two face parts and five hand parts."

"From "KINGDOM HEARTS ", youth Terra with a key blade appears in Bring Arts. The presence in the work is reproduced with a powerful appearance and a fearless expression. Furthermore, by replacing the face parts, it is possible to reproduce the appearance of the XIII organization "Tera = Zeanaut" that stands up against Sora. Accessories include 2 types of key blades of "Earth Shaker" and "Master Zea Note", 2 types of face parts, and 4 types of hand parts. It is a package that you can enjoy actions that suit various situations."

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