Let's Take A Look At The LEGO Captain America Mech Armor Set

LEGO 2021 sets are flying off the shelves already, having released to stores on January 1st. The Marvel sets this season are pretty neat, but I was most interested in the new Mech Suit sets coming out. I got last year's Thanos set, and it quickly became one of my favorites n my collection. This year, there are new characters like Thor and the LEGO set we will take a look at today, Captain America. Full of more articulation than you would think for a LEGO set, these Mech Suits are a ton of fun to build and really quick to boot. Let's take a look at the Cap set so you can see just how fun it is.

LEGO Can Make 100 Of These And I Will Buy Them All

From a packaging standpoint, LEGO doesn't change much. Standard box as always, although the figure photography with this one is pretty epic. Smaller box as well since this set is only 121 bricks, and most of those are pretty tiny bricks. So, fun, but the box doesn't really matter in this case. Does anyone really keep their LEGO sets MOC?

Captain America minifig is super cool. I love that there are two face portraits with him, so he can either be smiling or feature his luscious Cap beard. The shield is one of the better ones that LEGO has put out as well; it has an awesome shine to it that has been missing before.

Once you build the Mech Suit, you can really have some fun. It took me about 20 minutes to build from opening the bags to cleaning up, so it does not take long at all. Cap fits right into the front, which folds down. I love the oversized shield, which attaches to his hand so you can mimic him holding it, and it looks great on his back as well. The fingers have articulation as well, and all the usual POA that you would find on a regular figure are represented. You can pose him in a ton of fun ways. On one leg, throwing the shield, all sorts of different stuff.

Let's Take A Look At The LEGO Captain America Mech Armor Set
Captain America Mech Suit

This is just a super fun toy. For $9.99, you really cannot go wrong with this fun toy for kids or just to display on your collecting shelf. You can order one for yourself right here.

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