This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review [Part 2]

The Mandalorian just keeps getting hotter as Disney+ prepares us for the long wait for Season 2. This is a continuation of our The Mandalorian Funko Pop vinyl figures. We covered all of the upcoming Funko Pop figures in the newest wave that is coming out here. We have also covered the first three Mandalorian figures here which were The Mandalorian, Heavy Infantry, and Death Watch. This time the Mando Ladies get their time to shine as we are covering the Covert Mandalorian and The Armorer in this review. All of the other figures except Death Watch can be found online and located here. So grab your trackers because we are hunting for Mandalorians.

This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 

Now we are taking a look at the Covert Mandalorian. This is a figure I think we can see in the underground or she could be a concept design. Either way, it's nice to see another female Mandalorian character. Her box is no different from the rest of the series either.

This figure is the first Pop that I feel has an animated look, She gives me a lot like the Sabrine Star Wars: Rebels Mandalorian. The green colors are nice and I like how we are getting more color variations on top of our armor variety. She is posed with a weapon and a nice cape draped on her back. It's a nice design all around and would be nice for any Star Wars fans collection to build up you The Mandalorian collection or your ranks.

Now it is time for our next female character from The Mandalorian that where the helmet is The Armorer. This fan favorite is finally getting her first figure debut and would be a great addition for any fan. Now we will wait to see if they get the Black Series treatment in the future. Until then Funko is here to fill our collectible needs and this is a great Pop vinyl too. Her boxes nothing special and but the orange background goes well when she is standing by it.

The Armorer is a quite basic figure from the design of her helmet to the details on her armor. Even then she is a great Funko Pop figure all around a with of her own figure. I do like the added fur elements added to her armor set and it is designed nicely. I wish we got to see some added metallic or different styled paint though so we could really have that armor shine.

I'm sure The Mandalorian collectibles won't be ending any time soon. I am glad we are getting some variety now too since the first season has ended. I can't wait to see what Funko will come up with next. I would love to see a tv moment of The Armorer and Mando in the melting chambers sitting across fro one another. I think the next figure than will get a lot of attention is when The Child finally hits shelves. Until then fellow Guild Members: This is the way.

This is the Way to Our Mandalorian Funko Pop Review 

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