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Batman 1989 has been coming back into the light lately with a whole new set of upcoming figures One of the bigger ones we have seen was the Mezco One:12 figure and it might have a run for its money with S.H Figuarts newest release. Michael Keaton is back once again with another 6-inch figure that[...]
Medicom has just put up pre-orders for a new MAFEX figure that that is ready to dribble his way to your hearts Lebron James is no stranger to having collectibles of him but this one is nicely detailed and packed with accessories He comes in a 7" tall and features a nice fabric jersey In[...]
Finally, the man himself arrives with a nicely detailed figure that features his black and gray costume Batman does feature a fabric cap and an amazing gargoyle rooftop display for a perfect posed display on your shelf Of course, accessories are coming with interchangeable hands that feature an extended and unextended grappling hook, and batarags[...]
“Planet of the Apes” (1968) Dr. Zaius Arrives at Mezco Toyz 
This time though we are taking a trip back to 1968 with Mezco Toyz and their Planet of the Apes One:12 figure Dr Ziaus This ape is quite iconic and most fans will immediately want to add this figure to their collection From high amounts of detail and accessories like a human doll, walking cane,[...]
“One Punch Man” Genos Brings His A Game with ThreeZero
Threezero is showing some love to the apprentice with their newest 1/6th scale articulated figure His clothes are fabric and with the deluxe, you get two outfits to pose with He even comes with two pairs of interchangeable shoes two so Genos can kick ass in style One Punch Man fans can really get behind[...]
“Dragon Quest XI” The Luminary Has Arrived from Good Smile
This figure is just calling out to Dragon Quest fans with adorable detail, accessories, and mini slime friend Two face plates are included, one showing a smiling expression and the other a standard face emotion His accessories are pretty great too with the Cobblestone Sword that also has a heated version, shield, and a sword[...]
Batgirl Takes on Gotham with New Hot Toys Figure
The Batman: Arkham Knight figure line keeps getting bigger as Batgirl joins the fight It looks like Hot Toys is bringing more of the Bat family together as this heroine has arrived This portrayal is based on her appearance of her from the hit video game Batman franchise The black and gold costume is great fit[...]
“Pulp Fiction” Come to Life with Vincent Vega Figure from Star Ace
Star Ace Toys brought us figures of these two before back in 2017 and one of them is back! Vincent Vega is here once again and is ready for a night on the town with this ponytailed version of his character The figure shows high John Travolta likeness which is a huge plus and is[...]
"Cyberpunk 2077" Gets It's First 1/6th Scale Figure From Pure Arts
Pure Arts have officially announced that the main protagonist V, is getting his own 1/6th scale figure There will be a female version of this figure revealed later on but until then we get to see what it's all about This figure is badass and is a perfect Cyberpunk 2077 collectible to add to your[...]
Taskmaster Makes His “Black Widow” Debut with S.H. Figuarts Figure
Figuarts have shown off their second Black Widow film inspired character with this his newest figure release Just like the recently revealed Black Widow figure, he comes with a nice set of accessories like a sword, shield, and bow It does look like his hood is fabric based with is a nice plus for a[...]
“The Mandalorian” Death Trooper Gets His Own Hot Toys Figure
Hot Toys is bringing The Mandalorian's Death Trooper back with its newest figure that is packed with detail and even features an LED function The sculpt and craftsmanship are very smooth and it'll be a nice addition to any Star Wars fans army.  The Mandalorian Death Trooper Hot Toys Figure does not have a price or[...]
“Marvel’s Avengers” Gets its Own Wave of Marvel Legends 
We saw some of these figures up close and personal as New York Toy Fair with Hasbro and their Marvel Legends booth You can find all of those pictures located here including more X-Men figures This wave those is based on the upcoming game and it has an included as build-a-figure part to build the[...]
Spider-Man Miles Morales Hits the Streets with New Hot Toys Figure
Bring home your love for this movie and Mile Morales with Hot Toys and their newest figure Miles is a 1/6th scale figure and is very detailed and packed with accessories He will come with two interchangeable heads one being masked and the other with his mask rolled up He will also come with a[...]
Spider-Man MAFEX Upgrades to the Stealth Suit 
This time Medicom is dropping a new MAFEX figure showing Night Monkey in all his glory Unlike most figures, this Spider-Man comes with 4 interchangeable heads with 2 stealth suit and 2 Peter Parkers Each one gives the figure a more compelling feel and the sculpting is fantastic This is a figure fans should add[...]
Godzilla Goes Mecha With New Figure from X-Plus
While the figures could be more labeled as a statue, it does feature some great up close details from the metal finishing to the rust coloring This is a figure that any MechaGodzilla fan should add to their ever-growing collection. The MechaGodzilla (1974) Figure from X-Plus is priced at $500 and is set to release between[...]
New York Toy Fair: 76 Photos From the Mezco Toyz Booth
Our first stop today is Mezco Toyz and we have some new Living Dead Doll, One: 12 Collective, and retro figures headed our way Their Five Point Figures are getting more focus this year with some beautiful touches like Scooby Doo, The Warriors, and Batman 1966 that even includes a Batmobile! These Mezco 5 Points[...]
Baby Yoda Comes to Life with New Animatronic Toys from Hasbro
This figure will easily fly off shelves as it features 25 sounds and motion combinations which are super adorable! Any Star Wars or The Mandalorian fan should lock in their pre-orders today before its too late when they are all sold out in stores this fall Pre-orders are live and can be found here and[...]
It’s a Pirates Life With New Jack Sparrow Figure From Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom surprised me today with the mighty Captain Jack Sparrow getting a dynamic figure This 1/9th scale figure is highly detailed and super posable with 28 points of articulation He is made up of high end materials including plastic and real cloth He even comes with pirate accessories that can really enhance your pirate[...]
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It looks like two new figures are headed our way This will make 8 figures in total to see the zombie treatment since the dreadful and delightful DCeased story Supergirl is up first, she is featured with her classic outfit and blood on her body She clicks in at 7 Inches and features nice articulation[...]
Call of Duty Ghost Enters the War with McFarlane Toys
Ghost is ready to take the fight to your collection with the new McFarlane Toys figure Ghost is highly detailed and features over 22 points of articulation He doesn't come with some accessories like an assault rifle, ammo packs, removable poncho, and a display stand This is a figure you will not want to miss[...]
“Okami” Wants You to Prepare Your Wallets With Good Smile Company
We previously saw an amazing LED statue from First 4 Figures but this time she is getting miniature and adorable with Good Smile Company It has been some time since we have seen Amaterasu on the big screen unless you count her remaster It looks like Good Smile Company is bringing her back as they[...]
Two-Face Tries His Luck With New Mezco Toys One:12 Figure
Unlike the previous Two-Face figures, this one features real world scares on his burnt face I already see some fans are split between the look he is given in this figure I am digging his fabric suit and all the accessories he comes with two-Face will come with a nice set of coin flip effects,[...]
Vegeta Goes Ape with New “Dragonball Z” S.H. Figuarts Figure
Figuarts is bringing him to life! This figure is super badass and any Dragonball Z fan needs to own this figure There are diecast parts and special articulation to balance the massive size of this 12.7" tall figure Vegeta will also come with interchangeable hands including a pair of hands that feature two hands crushing[...]
“2001: A Space Odyssey” Receives a High-End Collectible Figure Suit 
Even still collectibles are here to showcase that amazing cinematic masterpiece as Executive Replicas releases a new action figure suit This suit is based on 2001: A Space Odyssey spacesuit and can go with the figures from the film The suit was made to fit a 12-inch figure so I'd imagine it can fit other[...]
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Toy Fair is weeks away and Mezco Toyz couldn't hold their excitement as their Thanos teaser is now in full swing as they announce their next figure The Mad Titan is here to destroy your One: 12 collections as he gets an amazing collectible He will come with 3 different faces, normal, smiling, and frowning[...]
Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey Arrives as New Hot Toys Figure 
Nothing better to s=celebrate the launch of the film than with a new figure from Hot Toys This time it is one of Harley Quinn outfits from the upcoming movie Harley Quinn comes seven interchangeable hands, a new head sculpt, and her mallet I do hope we will see another head when she gets closer[...]
Thanos Returns to Hot Toys with New Battle Damaged Figure 
This time Hot Toys is bringing us a battle damaged Thanos figure that is ready for the endgame This Avengers: Endgame figure rally packs a punch from not just details but accessories This Marvel Cinematic Universe figure comes with a massive set of interchangeable hands, his double bladed sword and two Infinity Gauntlets (one open with LEDs[...]
“Evangelion” Is Getting a Theatrical Edition Figure from Threezero
From a new buildable figure, Funko Pops, and now with Threeero This time it looks like we are getting a ROBO-DOU from the anime film: Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition This figure is highly detailed and a must have for any fan The figure will feature glow in the dark parts, interchangeable heads, accessories, and 48 points[...]
"The Mandalorian" Troop Transport Goes Vintage With Hasbro
This transport holds 8 3.75" figures in it and features a detailed interior This is a great Star Wars collectible all around as it can easily store your loose figures in one handy transport ship The functions on it are pretty amazing too and the packaged is just the frosting on top From the design,[...]
Hello Kitty and Gundam Crossover is Here from Bandai
Near the end of last year, we saw Ghostbuster and Transformers team up for a kick ass ECTO-1 figure This year we are starting off pretty strong as Hello Kitty and Gundam come together with two new figures.  Both Gundam Chogokin RX-78-2 and Gundam Chogokin Char's Zaku II are both getting special crossover version with Hello[...]