Marvel Zombies Funko Pops Resurrect Hulk and Mysterio

During one of this year's Toy Fair events, Funko showed fans upcoming collectibles for Marvel Zombies. It was even more surprising when Funko officially announced them during their Funkoween event this summer. Not all of them that were announced have been revealed but 4 of the first wave have hit and two are here and ready for some brains. Some of these Funko Pops have already started to hit shelves in-store and we found two of these bloodthirsty beasts to show you guys. We will only be looking at the two of the common Funko Marvel Zombies Pops this time with Hulk and Mysterio. Let's not wait any longer, so grab some shovels as we are digging up our second Marvel Zombies Funko Pop review.

Things get mysterious as we look at these two characters with our first being the "big-brained" Mysterio. Unlike the rest, Mysterio is displayed with his head being replaced as a giant brain which is a very interesting design for the villain. His fishbowl styled helmet is shattered and is sculpted quite nicely for the figure. He is shown wearing his classic Marvel Comics costume with slices and cuts exposing that green goo underneath. The Hulk is the last of the four commons and is honestly one of my favorites of the set. He is pretty large compared to the rest and shows a unique eerie design with a shaved head with exposed bone underneath. His body is covered in green cuts like the rest of the zombies with the green good pouring out. This zombie Hulk design is perfect for any horror fan or if you're just a fan of this green guy. These characters are beautifully designed and it brings a new concept to these classic heroes with a nice dash of horror to spice things up.

Marvel Zombies Funko Pops is definitely a new and interesting series for the growing market. This series is just something we don't see and the combination of comics with horror is an untouched market. Each character carries his own unique design and with the new molding skills from Funko, they really stand out and a lot of their other counterparts. The melting away flesh, exposed bone, and decaying costumes are an interesting look to see our favorite superheroes in but a sight you won't want to turn away from. All of these Funko Pop Marvel Zombies figures are in-stores now and can be found online and located here. There are other dead coming to life in the zombie's franchise with some zombie-fied versions of Silver Surfer, Gambit, Black Panther, and Venom. So keep your eyes peeled here at Bleeding Cool all your Funko news needs and reviews.

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