Marvel Zombies Venom Comes Back to Life with Funko

Marvel Zombies are upon us, and Funko is bringing some of your favorite comic book superheroes back from the dead. This is not the first Marvel Zombies collectibles, but it is the first time getting Funko Pops. Oddly enough, these are releasing just in time for the new Marvel Comics mini-series Marvel Zombies Resurrection. We have covered some of the common Pops that have been released like Hulk and Mysterio. Fans who want to check out those will be able to find them located here. However, the Funko Pops don't stop there as some zombies are exclusive to individual retailers, and we happen to have got our hands on the GameStop Exclusive Zombie Venom.

During the 2020 Toy Fair, we saw some other concepts of characters like She-Hulk, Gambit, and Black Panther that still have yet to be revealed. While the retailer exclusives are still set to be decided, we did get our hands on Zombie Venom, who is a GameStop exclusive. Venom can be found in stores now with online orders going in and out online, which can be found located here. Venom is a very popular Marvel Comic character, and it's getting a lot of traction with his upcoming Marvel Comics event King in Black. This version of Venom is given a very gruesome and is packed with some horrifying detail. Funko has put more "green goo" substance underneath the skin on this design. Unlike most of the other Marvel Zombies Pops, this one shows more of a disfigured look as we see the torn face of the symbiotic. The classic black symbiote suit is still there as we see it is still fighting for control over this decaying body. The detail in this design is truly something new and unique and will be a must-have for any Venom or zombie collectors out there.

These Marvel Zombies retail exclusives will be hard to come by as the year goes on. If fans are looking to get their hands on some of these zombie Funko Pops, then pre-orders will be your best bet. With a lot of the restrictions due to this year's pandemic, not as many collectibles are being released. However, if you pre-order them, then you will get yours totally secured. Common Marvel Zombies Pops will be able to be found located here. Some other upcoming exclusive zombies include Silver Surfer coming to Hot Topic, Glow-in-the-Dark exclusives of Wolverine exclusive to Entertainment Earth, and Glow-in-the-Dark Mysterio coming to Walmart. Be on the lookout for another wave of Zombie Pops coming soon. Who deserved to be raised from the dead next?

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