Mezco Announces "Chucky" and "Annabelle" Dolls That Are to DIE For! 

Mezco has announced two new collectible prop dolls. Not just any dolls though, possessed dolls. First up from Child's Play, the one, and only Chucky! He is 15" tall and features real cloth clothing. His packaging is based on the original specs from the movie. Mezco put a lot of detail into this figure from the iconic red hair and the glass eyes. Mezco has also revealed a life-size Prop replica of Annabelle. Ever since her debut in The Conjuring, she has been loved by horror fans. Mezco gives you the opportunity to bring Annabelle home. She stands 18" tall and is packed with detail perfectly captured from the big screen. Both of these dolls would be a great addition to any horror fans collection. I would just make sure you sleep with locked doors or maybe one eye open…

Both Mezco Chucky and Annabelle are both priced at $95. They are set to release between February and April 2020. Chucky preorder is live and located here. The Annabelle doll is also available and her preorder is located here

"Hi, I'm Chucky, wanna play?"

Mezco Announces

Child's Play: Talking Sneering Chucky Mega Scale Figure from Mezco

Unlike the scarred and battle-damaged look Chucky normally bears (people have tried to destroy him in six films so far), this version represents the cleaner, earlier Chucky. His trademark outfit is un-slashed, his face is not yet mauled.

Just as he did in his films, Chucky has lots to say from his trademark "My name is Chucky" to far more sinister phrases.

The star of the CHILD'S PLAY films, Chucky stands fifteen inches tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, eleven points of articulation, his trademark orange hair and realistic glass-like eyes. Each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector-friendly window box based on the original box design seen in the films.

The Conjuring Annabelle Doll Scaled Prop Replica from Mezco

Horror fans first met Annabelle in the sleeper hit The Conjuring. Then she wowed fans with her star turn in Annabelle as she dug her cold plastic hands into their hearts.

From her sinister grin to the malevolent gleam in her dead eyes, no detail has been overlooked. Mezco's award-winning design team has captured every nuance of Annabelle's frightening visage. Mezco's Annabelle doll stands eighteen inches tall and features rotocast head, hands, and feet. Her torso, legs, and arms are screen-accurate plush. With her film matched clothing and rooted hair, you will swear she stepped right out of the silver screen!

Annabelle, the sinister conduit to the damned, comes complete in a collector-friendly window box that may help keep the malevolent entity the cultists conjured contained…then again, it may not.

Mezco Announces

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