Funko Funkoween Announces New Nightmare Before Christmas Pops

The Funko Funkoween event continues as a new wave of Pops from the hit Disney movie Nightmare Before Christmas is coming. We will start off with Jack Skellington who is ready to scare some people with this new look. Jack will also be getting his first 10" Pop that will come with his faithful dog Zero. It looks like there will be a Walgreens exclusive 10" Vampire Jack that will be Glow in the Dark Pop also. Sandy Claws is this wave too and he is ready for some holiday cheer with candy in his beard and his bright red suit. Sally will be getting a new Funko Pop too with another sitting pose that will be a must have for Sally fans. The next Pop in the common section will be the Mayor who will in fact have a Chase variant. This is the perfect use of the term Chase as one each version of the Mayor will feature one of his facial expressions. The older OG Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor did have a rotating head that featured both faces. This time it looks like the Chase version will feature the sad version of the Mayor while teh common is his happiness look. This will be a nice Chase to get your hands on and with these we will surely see a decline in the value of the older one. The last common Nightmare Before Christmas Pop will be another designer Jack Skellington. This purple jack will have a companion piece that is a Hot Topic exclusive that features the inverted color scheme. The last two Pops are over your favorite bug filled villain, Oogie Boogie! His first Pop will be a BoxLunch Exclusive Movie Moment with Oogie ready for his deadly game. The next one will be a HotTopic exclusive that brings Oogie Boogie into the Diamond Collection.

All of these Pops are a great new Funko Pop wave for the Nightmare Before Christmas line. The two Pops I am most excited about are the designer Jack and the Mayor with Chase. The designer Jack Skellington figures have allows been nice but the color schemes of these ones are just something else. The Mayor is just a great character anyway and the fact there is a chase version is just amazing and a must have. the added chase will easily take value from the older version and hopefully that'll be the time for dedicated Disney Funko fans to strike on him. All of the common Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pops are up fro pre-order sale you can find them located here. They are set for an August 2020 release date so keep an eye out for each retrospective store during that time if you are after one of the retailer exclusives.

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