Roxas Has Returned to Save "Kingdom Hearts" with New Bring Arts Figure

Roxas and his storyline can be quite confusing for the most part. Summed up, he is the "ghost" of Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts. His ghost looks like another man from the past, Ventus. This is because 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts, Ventus lost his heart and child Sora answered is pray and stored the heart in his body. Confusing right? Kingdom Hearts III finally arrived this year and solved all of our answers to the game and gave up some new questions. Bring Arts is bringing the fan-favorite character from the newest title to figure form. Roxas is styling his classic Organization XIII robes and is holding both Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades. He does include a secondary head, so you can switch between fighting and non-fighting. The figure stands about 6" tall and is articulated, so he can be posed in a great variety of ways. The detail on this figure is very surprising and it does right by the character. I am hoping we get to see other favorites like Aqua and Lea (Axel) to come out from Bring Arts. Duel-wielding Roxas out would be a great addition to any Kingdom Hearts fans collection.

Roxas Bring Arts figure is priced at $79.99 and he is set for an April 2020 release. Preorders for him are currently live and available here.

"Only seven days to go, and then my summer vacation's over."


Product Description

Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts III, joins the Bring Arts figure line up! Featuring his characteristic expression and hairstyle, Roxas stands about 6 inches tall. The Square Enix designers used a flexible material for the coat, achieving a beautiful sculpt and high mobility.

Accessories include two keyblades, Oblivion, and Oathkeeper, three interchangeable head sculpts, and four pairs of hands, allowing the collector to enjoy recreating memorable scenes from the game.

Product Features

  • 5.96 inches (15.13cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Kingdom Hearts III
  • Flexible material for the coat
  • Achieving a beautiful sculpt and high mobility
  • Two keyblades

Box Contents

  • Roxas figure
  • 3 Head sculpts
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • Oblivion
  • Oathkeeper

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