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"Kingdom Hearts" Ventus Joins the Fight with Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts III finally gave fans the return of characters they have long been waiting for This time Ventus finally returns after his long awaited sleep from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Square Enix is bringing Ventus to life with their newest Bring Arts figure and its everything a fan would want He is packed[...]

Rumor: Nintendo Wanted Sora In "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

Rumor: Nintendo Wanted Sora In "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

If you believe the latest gossip from the rumor mill, it seems Nintendo wanted Sora from Kingdom Hearts as a character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate While its no secret that Nintendo hit up many companies to get the roster they have today in the series, you had to know not everyone was going to[...]

"Kingdom Hearts

"Kingdom Hearts III" Gets A Small Patch Before First DLC

Before Kingdom Hearts III receives its first major DLC addition, Square Enix is throwing in a small patch that adds a few things to the mix Square Enix has sent out a 1.07 and 1.09 patch to the game, which primarily adds new abilities and items, as well as fixies some lingering issues But more[...]

Square Enix Just Announced "Project Xehanort" for Smartphones

Square Enix Just Announced "Project Xehanort" for Smartphones

[caption id="attachment_1151308" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Square Enix[/caption]The Kingdom Hearts saga is far from over, at least in the eyes of Square Enix.The company just announced a smartphone and Amazon free-to-play title called Project Xehanort, which is headed for launch in spring 2020.As you can imagine, it's tied to the Kingdom Hearts mythos, but we won't[...]

“Kingdom Hearts” Nendoroid Figures get Re-Release from Good Smile Company 

"Kingdom Hearts" Figures Get a Re-Release from Good Smile Company 

While Kingdom Hearts fan awaits the upcoming DLC for the third entry they are getting restless Good Smile Company is helping us in our withdrawn by re-releasing both Sora and Riku Nendoroid figures! Both figures are adorable and filled with the perfect amount of detail and accessories Sora comes with two different key blades, one being the[...]

“Kingdom Hearts III” Xion is Back as New Bring Arts Figure

"Kingdom Hearts III" Xion is Back as New Bring Arts Figure

Kingdom Hearts III was a breathtaking story and it answered a lot of the previous question from the other games but it opened up more questions DLC for Kingdom Hearts III is still on the horizon but until that arrives Bring Arts is here to satisfy our needs They have just announced that the fan-favorite Kingdom Hearts 358/2 character Xion[...]

Square Enix Announces "Kingdom Hearts 3" ReMind DLC at E3 2019

Square Enix Reveals More About "Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind" Story

Square Enix released a little bit more info this week about Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind and what to expect in the upcoming DLC For starters, the story that you're getting will detail another adventure revolving around the Keyblade Graveyard before you hit the final battle He will retrace the hearts of the seven Guardians[...]

The Trailer For "Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind" Has Leaked

Square Enix accidentally leaked their own trailer this week for Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind, revealing the release date and info for the DLC The trailer appears to have been accidentally loaded in several places, then quickly deleted, but not before everyone and their mother got a copy of it It has been reloaded several[...]

The "Kingdom Hearts" Series Will Come To Xbox In 2020.

The "Kingdom Hearts" Series Will Come To Xbox In 2020

Some cool news over the weekend from XO19 as the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to all Xbox systems in 2020 The move comes from Square Enix who saw the success KH3 had on a console outside of the PlayStation and decided it was time to properly add the games to the console[...]

Why Do Some Card Games Fail to Hold Players' Attentions?

"Kingdom Hearts," "Digimon" & More: Why Some Card Games Fail to Hold Players' Attentions

But what about games likeKingdom Hearts?[caption id="attachment_1087488" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Source: Fantasy Flight Games[/caption]I have done a little bit of digging and it took a very long time before these cards saw any sort of English print By the time, I reckon, that these cards were printed to an English audience, Kingdom Hearts II was already out[...]

Roxas Has Returned to save "Kingdom Hearts" with New Bring Arts Figure

Roxas Has Returned to Save "Kingdom Hearts" with New Bring Arts Figure

Summed up, he is the “ghost” of Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts His ghost looks like another man from the past, Ventus This is because 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts, Ventus lost his heart and child Sora answered is pray and stored the heart in his body Confusing right? Kingdom Hearts[...]

"Kingdom Hearts III" Re Mind DLC will Launch This Winter

"Kingdom Hearts III" Re Mind DLC will Launch This Winter

The long-awaited story DLC for Kingdom Hearts III, titled "Re Mind," will be releasing sometime this winter And because Tokyo Game Show is next week, Square Enix has decided to give fans an early look at the DLC, so they can get some idea of what to expect from Sora and pals in the next chapter[...]

The Keyblade War Story Event is Live in "Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross"

The Keyblade War Story Event is Live in "Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross"

Square Enix has announced that the "Keyblade War" Story Event has launched for Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] players worldwide The story arc is a long awaited addition to the Kingdom Hearts mobile title, as it previously only existed as part of the web browser game Kingdom Hearts χ.For Kingdom Hearts fans, the event includes the first part[...]

New "Kingdom Hearts" Pops Announced By Funko

Kingdom Hearts give me your strength! Funko finally reveals new Kingdom Hearts Pops with some beloved characters getting their first Pop appearances! I’m pretty excited about these First up we have a common release of Sora and he has the Ultimate Weapon! This is a first for the character showing off the hard to get the[...]

Square Enix Announces "Kingdom Hearts 3" ReMind DLC at E3 2019

Square Enix Announces "Kingdom Hearts 3" ReMind DLC at E3 2019

During the E3 2019 press conference for Square Enix, we got a look at a fresh new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, showing off the ReMind DLC While we know this will probably make sense to Kingdom Hearts fans, we're looking at this trailer with the same perspective 90% of KH players look at it..[...]

Kingdom Hearts III's First Paid DLC 'ReMIND' is Coming Soon

[caption id="attachment_942442" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Square Enix[/caption]The next bit of DLC to come to Kingdom Hearts III will, essentially, be a "Final Mix" version of the game with extra episodes and bosses The DLC, which will be a premium paid option, was announced at a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra performance in Tokyo earlier today[...]

New Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Adds a Critical Mode Difficulty Today

[caption id="attachment_982512" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Square Enix[/caption]UPDATED:Square Enix has revealed the changes made to Kingdom Hearts 3 with the Critical Mode update, including the various tweaks players will see to their gameplay to make Critical mode even harder than before.According to the press release put out by Square Enix today, the changes include: Critical Mode will challenge even[...]

Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] Celebrates its Third Anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] Celebrates its Third Anniversary

Square Enix and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] is celebrating its third anniversary on mobile platforms throughout April and May.Players can join in the celebrations with several in-game items and campaigns:Anniversary Present – All Keyblade wielders will receive 10,000 Jewels by simply logging in now until May 31. Free Draw Tickets – From now until[...]

RealTalk: Donald Duck is the Most Powerful Being in the Final Fantasy Universe

RealTalk: Donald Duck is the Most Powerful Being in the Final Fantasy Universe

[caption id="attachment_1009910" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Square Enix[/caption]In Kingdom Hearts III, Donald Duck casts a move called "Zettaflare" which is a more powerful variant of the usual "Flare" cast Flare is a common black mage ability in the wider Final Fantasy series, but there are more powerful variants of the spell seen in the games.Flare is[...]

Diamond Select Toys June Solicitations: Gentle Giant, NBX, Marvel, DC, and More!

Designed by Barry Bradfield! In Shops: Aug 28, 2019 SRP: $24.99KINGDOM HEARTS 3 GALLERY TOY STORY DONALD PVC FIGURE It’s a quack attack! Donald Duck takes a whack at an Air Soldier Heartless in this new PVC diorama based on the best-selling Kingdom Hearts 3! Depicting Mickey’s court magician in his Toy Story World appearance, this sculpture measures[...]