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Square Enix Reveals Final Chapter Of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
Square Enix announced this week that they will release the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road during the 20th Anniversary event The company didn't reveal a ton of details about the final chapter, only that it would add a "major scenario" that will revolve around Xehanort's story, starting with him when he was just[...]
Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key Replica Coming Soon from Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts IV is officially in the works as Disney, and Square Enix revealed a new teaser for the upcoming project There has been a lot of speculation about the game ever since, with many fans thinking Marvel and Star Wars worlds might be in the game's future The game hits its 20th anniversary this[...]
Kingdom Hearts Kairi Wields a Keyblade with New Square Enix Figure 
Towards the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora's love interest and best friend Kairi got her very own Keyblade We got to see her progress as a Keyblade wielder in some of the spinoff series as well as in Kingdom Hearts III This year marks the 20 anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and Square[...]
Kingdom Hearts Riku Joins Sora with New Square Enix Play Arts Figure
Kingdom Hearts IV is on the way, giving fans another installment in the iconic Square Enix and Disney franchise This video game started 20 years ago following the story of Sora and Riku as to best friends discover different paths with one of them ultimately leading into the realm of darkness Riku is back and[...]
Square Enix Celebrates 20 Years of Kingdom Hearts with Play Arts Sora
The official announcement is here as Square Enix, and Disney reveal Kingdom Hearts IV is in the works This beloved video game franchise has fascinated gamers over the past 20 years, and now it's time to celebrate its 20th Anniversary To help celebrate, Square Enix has announced some new Play Arts Kai figures are on[...]
Square Enix & Disney Are Working On Kingdom Hearts IV
Some surprising news this morning from Square Enix as both the company and Disney confirmed they're working on Kingdom Hearts IV The team is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise with a brand new video, which you can check out down below, featuring over seven minutes of footage from two very specific titles The[...]
The Kingdom Hearts Series Will Come To Nintendo Switch Next Month
Square Enix revealed today that the Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to Nintendo Switch in February, but through different means To help celebrate the release of the game on its 20th Anniversary, Switch owners will be able to get what are essentially the most complete versions of the three main titles, but you'll have[...]
The Op Launches Tabletop Games For The Goonies & Kingdom Hearts
The Op revealed two new tabletop games they have launched for the holidays as we have one for The Goonies and Kingdom Hearts It's not the first time either franchise has been given a board game, and in fact there are a few fun ones out there you can find However, what sets them apart[...]
Kingdom Hearts Namine Joins Square Enix Bring Arts
Kingdom Hearts is an excellent video game franchise that combines originality with Final Fantasy and Disney Just be sure not to ask what the actual plot is because that will drive you into its own specific madness However, the game has a lot of faithful fans and a beautiful assortment of original characters One of[...]
Kingdom Hearts' Sora Is The Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character
Ultimate, as players will be getting Sora from Kingdom Hearts In what is very cool and shouldn't be overlooked partnership between Nintendo, Disney, and Square Enix, you're getting the character in all of his glory with several costumes and a ton of references to the series baked into the mega brawling title Sora will be[...]
Yen Press Announces  Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Collector’s Edition
Yen Press announced the release of Kingdom Hearts: The Novel Collector's Edition, a deluxe box-set that completes the Kingdom Hearts novel series, written by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated by Shiro Amano with editorial supervision by Kazushige Nojima and original concepts by Tetsuya Nomura. Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition key art As you may know, the[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Aqua Joins Her Friends With Good Smile Company
Aqua has found her way out of the Darkness as Kingdom Hearts III showed the return of the beloved character Good Smile Company has unveiled that the Keyblade Master is joining her friends with their new Nendoroid release Aqua will come with three different face plates allowing collectors to display her with praying, combat, and[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Kairi Joins the Good Smile Nendoroid Team
Good Smile Company returns us to Kingdom Hearts, as they announce their newest Nendoroid figure from the franchise Kairi is here and ready to join her Sora and Riku as she finds out she not only a Princess of Heart but a Keyblade wielder This version of Kairi comes from the latest big console game[...]
Square Enix Holds New Halloween Events In Two Mobile Games
Sad news for fans of Kingdom Hearts Unionχ as the word came down this week that the game will be ending its services in May Series Director Tetsuya Nomura dropped the news on the game's blog, letting fans know the service will be terminated on May 30th, 2021 at 6pm PT The storyline for Union χ[...]
Kingdom Hearts Roxas Joins the Fight With Good Smile Company
Recently, Good Smile Company teased that the legendary Roxas from Kingdom Hearts III will be getting his very own Nendoroid figure Well, that day is here as pre-orders, full details, and pictures go up for the beloved character Roxas will be getting two different face plates with serious and smiling expressions He will also be[...]