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Square Enix Holds New Halloween Events In Two Mobile Games
Sad news for fans of Kingdom Hearts Unionχ as the word came down this week that the game will be ending its services in May Series Director Tetsuya Nomura dropped the news on the game's blog, letting fans know the service will be terminated on May 30th, 2021 at 6pm PT The storyline for Union χ[...]
Kingdom Hearts Roxas Joins the Fight With Good Smile Company
Recently, Good Smile Company teased that the legendary Roxas from Kingdom Hearts III will be getting his very own Nendoroid figure Well, that day is here as pre-orders, full details, and pictures go up for the beloved character Roxas will be getting two different face plates with serious and smiling expressions He will also be[...]
New Kingdom Hearts Nendoroids Coming Soon From Good Smile
Kingdom Hearts III fans are in for a real treat as not one but four new characters will be joining the Nendoroid world Good Smile Company has unveiled four keyblade wielders that are on the way, with one getting an actual figure to reveal and the other is just concept pieces Up first is the[...]
Square Enix Will Launch Kingdom Hearts On The Epic Game Store
For the first time, the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to PC, and it's happening through the Epic Games Store For the longest time, these games have basically been PlayStation exclusives, with exceptions to a few titles here and there and the recent addition of KH3 Which on the one hand, great work[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Riku Saves the Day With Good Smile Company
Kingdom Hearts III Riku is packed with great detail for the game that will please many fans of this iconic video game franchise. Riku is just as important as Sora is the Kingdom Hearts franchise This figure is very well done and will be a great collectible for any fan of the series I hope we[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Sora Fights for Friendship With Good Smile
We return for the power of Kingdom Hearts as Good Smile Company announces their newest Nendoroid figure Sora is back, this time wearing his outfit from Kingdom Hearts III, and he is ready for his next adventure This figure is back with some amazing detail, articulation, and accessories that will please any fan of the[...]
"Octopath Traveler" Ventures Into "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius"
Square Enix rrevealed today that both Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road would be doing another crossover The content is far heavier on the FFBE side of things, as the other is getting a couple of additions but nothing too major We have the full list of crossover content below[...]
Kingdom Hearts II Riku Joins Sora at Good Smile Company
Coming out of the hit video game franchise Kingdom Hearts is the man who is balancing his light with his dark, Riku Good Smile Company has announced that Riku from Kingdom Hearts II is going to Sora as their newest Nendoroid figure Riku is fully articulated in features of his updated body sculpt from the[...]
Square Enix Will Host Kingdom Hearts Live Q&A With Yoko Shimomura
Kingdom Hearts fans will get a rare opportunity to learn more about the game's soundtrack with a Q&A with Yoko Shimomura Square Enix will be hosting a special event tomorrow, October 23rd at 8pm PDT on the game's official Facebook page where they will have the renowned composer answering your questions The event is being[...]
Kingdom Heart II Sora Saves the Day with Good Smile Company
Kingdom Hearts II fans soul get excited because Good Smile Company has announced one of their newest Nendoroid figures Sora is back from the beloved game Kingdom Hearts II with a highly detailed and articulated figure He is ready to save the day with smiles, friendship, and the power of the heart with this fun[...]
Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory
Square Enix revealed this morning that you can now play a free demo of Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory on multiple platforms The demo itself isn't very long, but it will give you a bit of a challenge as it will put you in the middle of a few battles battle through six tracks alongside[...]
Snag a sealed copy of Kingdom Hearts for GameCube is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now.
What do you get when you cross the venerable Final Fantasy role-playing game series with the familiar Disney characters everyone knows and loves? You get Kingdom Hearts, the game that launched a million ships (Sora and Kairi forever!) and launched a lifelong love of gaming for many fans Featuring a star-studded cast of voice actors[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Sora and Riku Arrive with Square Enix Bring Arts
Square Enix is revisiting Kingdom Hearts III as they announce second version figures of Sora and Riku Each character is perfectly sculpted and pulls the character right out of your TV with the Bring Arts line Coming up first is Sora who is getting his Big Hero Six design that includes AR Goggles and Nanogear[...]
There Are Zero Plans For Any More Kingdom Hearts Games For Switch
Those of you hoping to get some version of older Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo Switch are gonna be mighty disappointed Ever since Kingdom Hearts III was revealed, fans of the Switch have been wondering if Square Enix would get around to releasing everything from the first two games (as big and non-sensical as that[...]
Pixar's Onward Jumps Into Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road
Square Enix revealed details this week about the fifth-anniversary plans to celebrate Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] While those of us in the wast have only had the series for a short time, the game has been out in Japan for five years To mark the occasion, they will be launching a number of events in[...]