McFarlane Toys RAW-10 Uncage's the Ape Known as Cy-Gor

Last week McFarlane Toys showed off a new line of figures; Raw 10. It featured robotic animal warriors that had devastating power fused with cybernetics implants. There were four figures in total, but the one most people will know Cy-Gor from Todd McFarlane's Spawn series. This character was created initially by McFarland for his toy line and then was introduced in Spawn #38. Due to miscalculation, Cy-Gor was unleashed, and the city felt his wrath. This new toy line showcases the mighty gorilla and all of his incredible cybernetic detail. This McFarlane Toys figure line is a Walmart exclusive and was very reasonably priced with him and Great White Shark coming in at only $20 and Robo-Raptor and Cobra getting a $10 price tag. Each figure will come with a neat little miniature poster featuring the RAW 10 beast in action, which is a nice bonus. So let's jump on in with our next figure review here at Bleeding Cool.

It was nice finding one of these bad boys on the Walmart shelves, so I just had to have it. This was an essential figure with preparation for the upcoming McFarlane Toys remastered Spawn figure coming in November. The figure comes in basic packaging, but right off the bat, you can tell that this thing is monstrous. Articulation was my first question, and yes, his arms and head do move. However, the legs can rotate, but they really need to be supported just right to keep him standing up. The arms can swivel between up and down positions, which can change how you want to display him. But Spawn fans will be pleased with Cy-Gor as he is remarkably detailed and looks fantastic in person. The fact that these figures only $20 are pretty remarkable as the detail of the cybernetics is truly a wonder. This massive figure it's just great to look at from the textures of the sculpted for on his gorilla side to the mechanical etchings on his arm and legs of his robotic side. His ferocious face is definitely well done from the eating on the teeth to the piercing red eyes.

McFarlane Toys RAW-10 Uncage's the Ape Known as Cy-Gor

Spawn, and McFarlane Toys fans will not want to miss out on these simple yet elegant figures. It's still pretty amazing that these figures only $20 and whether you're a fan of Spawn or loves McFarlane Toys, and this is a great figure to pick up. He seems more towards posing rather than actual play, but it would be a great background or opponent for many of those action figure photographers out there. The RAW 10 Figure line is an interesting line and has so much great potential, and I can't wait to get my hands onto other figures in the series. Pre-orders are up for some of these here, or hopefully, you can find them in-store already today.

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