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McFarlane Toys Officially Reveals the Return of DC Comics Super Powers
Finally! This is an announcement fans have been waiting for as McFarlane Toys officially announced the return of the DC Comics Super Powers line Your collection is about to get a retro upgrade as the hit toy line from the 80s is back These figures have already started to hit Walmart stores, and I already[...]
McFarlane Announces DC Multiverse Green Lantern Parallax Figure 
McFarlane Toys has really started to shift gears lately, with a lot of impassive new DC Comics figures One of the newest Build-A-Figure waves was for the hit Green Lantern storyline Blackest Night Since then, we have seen some more focus on Green Lanterns for the DC Multiverse line, and I absolutely love it! It[...]
DC Comics Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Pre-Orders Arrive from McFarlane 
The time has come as it is Bros Before Heroes as pre-orders finally arrive for McFarlane Toys newest 2-Pack figure set! Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are back and are ready for some new adventures! The DC Comics DC Multiverse line is getting a real treat here with a figure set right from the fan-favorite[...]
DC Comics Super Powers Vehicles Arriving from McFarlane Toys 
Well, fans can add a new addition to that lineup as McFarlane Toys is bringing the DC Comics Super Powers line! Three figures have been revealed with Batman, Superman, and Darkseid However, things get a little more interesting as McFarlane Toys did not stop there as DC Comics Super Powers Vehicles are also coming! Iconic and[...]
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle 2-Pack Coming Soon to McFarlane Toys
McFarlane Toys is bringing this legendary team to life as they announce a new DC Multiverse 2-Pack figure set! One image was teased for the duo showing off their more modern comic book suit that is exploding with blue and gold.  #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption[...]
Exclusive Black Adam Line Art Figure Revealed by McFarlane Toys 
McFarlane Toys revealed their new 7" Page Punchers line not long ago featuring an exclusive Black Adam comic book We already know that the DC Comics line will feature a new Superman, Batman, Constantine, and Black Adam figure To make things more interesting, we did see Target would be getting an exclusive Black & White[...]
DC Comics Dark Multiverse Returns with McFarlane Toys Batrocitus 
McFarlane Toys has entered the Dark Multiverse in the search for their next DC Comics DC Multiverse figure We are returning to the events of the major DC Comics event, Dark Nights: Death Metal with Batrocitus Batrocitus is a Dark Multiverse creature in a world where Batman has acquired the power of the Red Lantern[...]
McFarlane Toys Unveils Superman: Speed Bullets Batman Figure 
McFarlane Toys is diving deeper into the DC Multiverse as they arrive at the one-shot comic Superman: Speeding Bullets In this world, it is Martha and Thomas Wayne who find the crazed Kryptonian ship Named "Bruce," this version of Superman also loses his parent like our Bruce, and after some time, he ends up rising[...]
McFarlane Debuts New Batman with Bat Black & White DC Direct Statue 
These stories have been incredible, and it is no wonder why toy companies like McFarlane Toys dish out so much Batman Do not get me wrong; I would love some more variety in the popular 7" DC Multiverse line However, it is not McFarlane Toys' fault that DC Comics puts so much effort into the[...]
Black Adam’s Dr. Fate Receives New 12” Statue from McFarlane Toys 
McFarlane Toys has slowly been bringing the Black Adam film to life in collectibles form with a nice set of figures and statues.  It looks like Dr Fate is getting his own 12" tall statue from McFarlane Toys, giving fans an even closer look at his new look A lot of detail is located inside this[...]
Black Adam Calls for Power with McFarlane Toys Newest 12” Statue 
A god has landed at McFarlane Toys as more Black Adam collectibles have arrived So far, we have seen an impressive line of DC Multiverse figures starring Cyclone, Atom Smasher, two different versions of BA, Hawkman, and Dr Fate We have also seen a beautifully sculpted 12" statue featuring the artwork of the god by[...]
The Court of Owls Comes to McFarlane Toys with DC Comics Talon 
McFarlane Toys would agree as they continue to reveal more DC Multiverse figures during their 2022 Summer Showcase One of which is the Court of Owls' deadly assassin known as Talon! This fierce Batman villain comes to life in incredible fashion with a sweet 7" scale figure that is loaded with swords and knives Talons'[...]
DC Comics Blackest Night Nekron Returns with New McFarlane MegaFig
The McFarlane Toys Summer Showcase is in full effect, giving us a new assortment of upcoming reveals There have been plenty of new DC Comics reveals showcasing new characters arriving for the popular DC Multiverse line This line has easily stepped up its game since its launch, and they are some of the best figures[...]
It’s Time to Break the Bat with McFarlane’s New DC Comics Bane MegaFig
McFarlane Toys is bringing some heat to their 2022 Summer Showcase as they continue to reveal new products We are returning to Gotham City once again as the one, and only Bane comes to life with a new MegaFig This figure comes right off the pages of DC Comics with a truly massive and very[...]
Batman Fear State Scarecrow Return with New McFarlane Toys Figure 
The DC Comics event Fear State was not that long ago, and McFarlane Toys already has an action figure for it Batman better watch out as Scarecrow is back with a new outfit and new deadly plan Fear State Scarecrow is joining McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse roster with a new highly detailed 7" scale figure[...]